3 Secrets to Make Your Fans Obsessed with Your Music

Jan 09, 2017


by Cari Cole

As a musician today, you really are pure potential. There is nothing standing in your way. Not connections, not money, not time. And as an artist, you are THE most important thing that makes this industry tick. Without you, there IS no music.

So no matter what anyone tells you or how they treat you, YOU ... Continue

6 Things I Did To Get A Record Deal

Jan 03, 2017

  by Cari Cole  

Those of you who know a bit about me, know that before I became a celebrity vocal coach and the CEO of a 7 figure music company, I was an artist. I started playing classical guitar and flute at 6, wrote my first song at 7, played the folk circuit, joined a rock band, studied jazz and ... Continue

Music Shop Talk: 6 Ways to Transform Your Music in 2017

Dec 27, 2016

By Cari Cole   An artist is only as good as their work. And their work is only as good as their commitment. But with so many distractions these days, it’s a challenge to stay focused. Yet, being focused and committed is the only way to birth something truly great. I’ve been a musician for over 4 decades (actually 5, OMG!) A classical ... Continue

For Musicians Everywhere, A Holiday Message of Support

Dec 20, 2016

    By Cari Cole     No matter what anyone says, music is a gift -- of the soul. Music reaches into the far recesses of our lives, our hearts, our imagination and breathes life into the crevices, the cracks, the fragments of our lives --- and fills us with oxygen. A spiritual kind of oxygen -- from the ether, perhaps from somewhere far, ... Continue

Free Holiday Gift – 8 Steps To Your Breakthrough Record!

Dec 19, 2016

  This season is a beautiful time of year to open your heart.. give more, love more.. reach out to those in need… use your music to help and heal hearts - the world needs YOU. Every day I am gifted with the courageous hearts and brilliant minds of musicians and artists all over the world in our community. Whether you ... Continue

Cari Cole Voice & Music’s HOLIDAY SUPER SALE

Dec 06, 2016

  Hi beautifuls, Cari Cole here! Some people think that artists are born, not made – yet we know it’s not soooo simple. Talent does get you to a certain point, but going from amateur to pro requires that you step up your craft in a major way. So whether you’re looking to improve your voice, get some serious artist development guidance, or ... Continue

Music Shop Talk: Exposing 3 Musician Shadow Sides, and How to Stop Self Sabotage

    By Cari Cole     Just to be a musician is to fight the shadow. It’s a battle, first with yourself, and then to keep your artistry intact as you plunge into the music business, alongside the many odds stacked up against you. From your own roller coaster confidence, to standing up to those who don’t believe in you or think you’re indulging ... Continue

6 Steps to Vocal Freedom in 6 Months

Nov 29, 2016

  By Cari Cole   When Lady Gaga was training for her Oscar performance early in 2016, she decided she wanted to make a serious impression. She was, after all, singing the “Sound of Music” -- I mean who covers Julie Andrews in front of millions of people at one of the entertainment industry’s biggest events of the year? But she was super ... Continue