7 Secrets to Grammy Winning Vocals on Your Next Record

Nov 08, 2016



By Cari Cole


Yes, your songs are number one. But so is your voice. Matter of fact, your voice can make a halfway decent song totally come alive, or not. But one thing is absolutely, without a doubt, true. Your voice sells the song. It is the star of the track. And it not only has to be good, it has ... Continue

Your Vocal Potential: Are You Living Up to It?

May 24, 2016



by Cari Cole




People, and most often –other musicians, sometimes poke fun at singers for being protective (or fussy) about their voices. Okay, then — go on. You get up and sing without making a fool of yourself. Ha.

Singing is demanding. It’s not an instrument you can press down on a key or a fret, and the same note comes out ... Continue

Getting Big Vocals On Your Next Record

May 16, 2016 | 1 Comment

by Cari Cole



So you want your vocals to make a big impression on your next record, but not sure your voice can deliver, or exactly how to do that? Or you can belt it out, but you don’t have folks praising your voice the way you secretly wish for?

Or maybe you get great praise, but secretly you know you could ... Continue

You’re Only One Song Away

May 10, 2016 | 1 Comment

by Cari Cole



So you may have heard it said (or not), but the truth about your success in music is only one song away. All you really need is that one song to make your mark.

And sadly, it’s so easy to get lost in the chatter out there and think that marketing and branding are the key to ... Continue

Smart Musician Strategy 3-Part Training Series

Jul 22, 2014

by Cari Cole


It’s not enough to release a record thinking that the music on its own will build your brand, it won’t. Marketing will. But even when you have a good marketing skills and a well established social media presence, social media followers are at best non-committal and flakey when it comes to real support and forking ... Continue

Turning Pain Into Triumph: Lessons From Maya Angelou

Jun 03, 2014 | 3 Comments

by Cari Cole


Today’s article is about what happens when you take your pain and turn it into triumph. It is my honoring of the recent passing of one of the world’s greatest teachers, leader and activists ever: Maya Angelou.


With the recent loss of 2 major visionaries, Nelson Mandela and now Maya Angelou, it’s a call, more ... Continue

Do You Need An Editor?

Sep 11, 2013 | 2 Comments

by Cari Cole



Okay so, you may or may not know this, but most of us have an editor. Musicians, bands, authors, entrepreneurs – any brand out there exists because of a team of editors who in different ways, play a role in the process of selection – and elimination. Wikipedia says: “Editing is the process of ... Continue

Releasing Your Record: It’s More Than Sales

Sep 03, 2013

by Cari Cole



There’s been a question in the air for a while now about whether the record is really dying out – if you need one at all anymore? But regardless of whether that thinking is coming from declining record sales or from artists releasing more singles into the marketplace, the fact is you still need one.

Here’s what happens ... Continue

5 Secrets To Make Your Voice Sound Better

Sep 26, 2012 | 189 Comments

by Cari Cole

As one of the top vocal coaches in the country, I frequently hear: “What are your top vocal tips for singers?” Well, I could rattle off a long list, and yammer on for hours. (I’m a nerd’s nerd when it comes to vocals…) And I have a long list of favorite tricks up my sleeve from more than ... Continue

5 Ways To Stop Shredding Your Vocal Cords

Apr 10, 2012 | 6 Comments



Do you ever wonder why stars get vocal problems? Why they lose their voices and end up having surgery? Does it happen to everyone eventually or can it be avoided? And doesn’t that just freak the bejesus out of you? It should.

It’s not inevitable, but it’s highly probable that you will have vocal problems if you don’t learn how to ... Continue