7 Secrets to a Successful Music Launch

Oct 25, 2016




By Cari Cole


It’s not enough to have good music. In order to get that music heard, you’ve got to be an expert at the “launch” – like it or not. The good news, is that artists don’t have to wait around for 1-2 years while they write and record a whole album of material before they can get out ... Continue

5 Fatal Mistakes Musicians Must Stop Making

Oct 11, 2016 | 1 Comment

graphics for 2-3 weeks before your actual release. I can’t tell you how many artists I follow and I still don’t know when their releases are because they don’t shout out about them enough ahead of time. This builds anticipation, excitement, and gets people following you.
  • Plan each release out 2 months ahead. This gives you time to create graphics, social posts, blogs and themes around each release.
  • Release a single for 10-12 weeks. Yep. Indie artists need that kind of time to make a dent out there. And – you can always re-promote it again 6 months later. You have to think about how many people got exposed to it. Most indie artists have a reach somewhere between 1000 – 50,000. In the scope of the world’s 7.8 billion inhabitants those numbers are not barely a dent. Go at it again and stretch that reach even more. You’re worth it ;).

    5.  Spending Hard Earned Cash on the Wrong Things

    Being a musicpreneur is in no way an easy feat. Matter of fact, it’s wracked with riddles and misinformation. There’s no school that really teaches this stuff. That said, it’s easy to spend cash in the wrong places, but why try to reinvent the wheel? There’s hundreds of thousands of artists all trying to do this. It’s wise to learn from those who have gone before and save yourself a few of the common missteps. Here’s a few of ‘em:

    1. Don’t spend money on a radio campaign unless you have a serious 3-6 month tour to support it. And even then, it might be a drop in the bucket results wise. Your money might be better spent on social media ads where you can target cities and specific followers.
    2. Don’t spend money on a publicist until you have a big win to shout out about. Two artists in my camp are on The Voice right now, Elia Esparza and Courtney Harrell. Now would be a good time for hiring a publicist. But they may not have the pocket change. But the way to maximize the expense, is to be sure you have a reach or a public win before you spend that kind of cash. To grow your fanbase and socials stick to social advertising and fan engagement to grow organically. Get good at tending to your tribe and engaging them before you reach out further!!

    Oh, and one really important, kinda critical thing:


    6. Surrounding Yourself With Negative People

    Like attracts like. Keep your circle small and smart – and positive. And if you really want to get ahead, surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.



    Ready to follow the steps above and grow your music and fanbase organically, as well as maximize your efforts and expenditures? Sometimes knowing the right things to do in the right order makes all the difference. Join us for a 12 weeks of musicpreneurship. Work smarter, not harder and — see results!



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    Musicians: Set Yourself Free From the Chains of the Old Music Industry

    Oct 04, 2016



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    After decades of being enslaved to greedy music mogul profiteers, and getting ripped off by managers and unfair percentages that rape and pillage your bottom line, now for the first time ever, musicians have a chance to free themselves.


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    It’s a new day in the music business. Yes, we have arrived. And it was worth the growing pains. For one distinct reason. Artists have control of their content. Now artists can choose whether they want to pursue the over-processed, over-commercialized, plastic music that the big boys churn out to the masses to pay for their ... Continue

    Songwriting Shop Talk: Deep Diving and Mining for Gold

    Aug 31, 2016

    By Cari Cole




    It’s that time of year again that we host another one of our popular Signature Songwriting Circles. Songwriters, artists, music producers and creators come together to co-write 26 songs in 26 weeks. Not something most songwriters (unless they live in Nashville) are prone to do. It’s a fast paced, professional community where songwriters cut their teeth on their ... Continue

    How to Get the Attention of Music’s Tastemakers

    Jul 19, 2016


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    Going Pro: 6 Essential Steps of Artist Development for All Musicians

    Jan 12, 2016 | 3 Comments

    by Cari Cole

    Transitioning from the dream to the reality can be a daunting proposition no matter how much you want it. Seal himself said in an interview on Sirius FM recently that “No one can prepare you for fame,” no matter how bad you want it. And desire alone will not manifest it for you. It’s vision, determination, blind faith, ... Continue

    How To Brand And Market Your Music To The World With Authenticity + Integrity

    Jul 15, 2014

    by Cari Cole

    I’ll admit – that’s a big title. But it’s actually the smallest details that make it happen.


    For the past 4 years in my online programs I’ve been teaching artists about how to brand and market but with authenticity and integrity – not just marketing tricks. Because in music – marketing tricks look cheap – and shoddy. ... Continue

    The Five Marketing Traps Every Musician Falls For

    Oct 08, 2013

    by Cari Cole

    1. Hiring A Publicist Too Soon

    A publicist can’t do a thing for you if you don’t already have momentum with your music – period. I know, I too, fell victim to the tune of 5000 whopping dollars. And what did I get? A big fat – zero. And it’s not ... Continue