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Vocal warm ups

Give Yourself the Opportunity to experience powerful vocal warm ups used by Rockstars, Grammy winners, The Voice, American Idol finalists... and thousands of independent + emerging artists just like You.

You’re probably a lot like the stars I work with on a daily basis. You love singing, but your voice gets tired or burned out or isn’t as powerful as you’d like it to be (or maybe you secretly wonder if you really can’t sing?).

Well here’s the big secret that I’ve taught to every one of my private students: It’s not that hard! It’s just that no one has ever taught you some of the simple secrets to making your voice do everything you want it to do (and maybe some things you don’t even know it can do yet). There’s no mystery, it’s methodical – and I’m ready to teach it all to you.

With 25+ years of experience of coaching thousands of singers including Grammy Award winners, The Voice, American Idol finalists and legendary rockstars, I promise you: When your voice is relaxed and powerful, you get to be the star that you were meant to be. And I have created my own exclusive formulas and exercises to help you do just that. For the past 25+ years I’ve tweaked and perfected them and they will absolutely give you these results:

You'll notice significant changes in your vocal sound within 10 minutes
You'll learn secrets about how to expand your range and sing higher
Your rehearsals will no longer be something that burn you out
You'll experience greater vocal power and ease
At your performances, you will feel so much more relaxed – and you’ll perform better because you won’t be worrying about your voice
On your recordings, everyone will notice a new freedom in your voice

Vocal Warm Ups Program - Cari Cole

Hi, I’m Cari Cole of Cari Cole Voice and Music Company.

I’ve been training stars in New York City for over 20 years and one of the hardest things about becoming as successful as I’ve become as a vocal coach, is that I meet people every day who need me but they can’t afford my private studio rates.

In these SG Vocal Warmups, I’ve laid it all out and given you everything I can give you – the next best thing to being with me in person. These are the same warmups I do day-to-day with all of my artists and this is your opportunity to use them to become the star you were meant to be.

Look – I know there are already so many vocal warmups and exercise programs out there for singers – the problem is – they don’t give you the whole picture. I found myself frustrated because some of these were actually doing damage to my students when they showed up for their first lesson with me.

What I know is the key to a great warm up is warming up just enough to “open” your voice and not wear it out!

As you will find, my warm ups prepare you for singing but do not “over-prepare” you.

And here’s the thing –

Your voice is an instrument – it just so happens it’s inside your body – not out. And if you’re a singer, you’re an athlete. And just like an athlete stretches her body and warms it up before running a race, these exercises will teach you how to warm and stretch the small muscles of your voice – warming you up for your performance and giving you power and consistency night after night.

Not only that, but when you use these exercises regularly, they’re going to help you avoid injury and fatigue, and eliminate hoarseness.

Diane Birch
Diane Birch - Vocal Warm Ups Program

"Working with Cari has been, and continues to be an incredible experience for me. She has an amazing gift for understanding the many facets of vocal training from the technical to the mental, emotional and physical aspects. She tackles the art of singing down to the root and really helps you understand what you are doing and how it all works. With her holistic and all encompassing approach she teaches how to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the vocals!"

Jody Quine

"The Singers Gift Vocal Exercises are stellar!! Seriously I've only done them a handful of times and such a difference already. And I was already doing great exercises and felt very confident about my voice. I was just looking to change it up, and Cari, your guidance is kicking ass!!"

Normandie Wilson

Cari's Mind over Music program is the only program of its kind today that is specifically designed for musicians. There are a million musician "mentoring" programs that focus on mastering social media, online marketing, how to get a record deal, but there is no other program that focuses on getting your mind in the right place. If you don't believe success is possible for you, you're never going to make the right choices to lead you to success. Even just in the act of signing up, I noticed a change in myself. I feel a lot more calm about my music career. I know that in order to get the results I want to see in my music career, I have to do the work on myself. I have to change my mindset, my thoughts, and my daily actions. I recently got a song placed with a licensing agency, and was finally motivated to pursue more licensing options for myself. Why? Because now I know that this is really possible for me and my music. I submitted my song for licensing back in September, and I don't think it's a coincidence at all that they waited until late January to tell me that it was approved. I am working every day on losing my fear of success. Now I truly feel that my success is only a matter of time. The Facebook group is a great resource to support everyone in the program. It's nice to be able to chat with other people about what we're experiencing. Cari is real, and refreshing on all the calls. There's no BS in the program at all. No "follow this list" or "read this book" and "you'll be famous" stuff. Just honest advice, not only about how to be a better musician, but how to be a happier and more peaceful human being. Cari's program is the only program that I've ever jived with in the music world. Check it out. You won't be disappointed.

Here's What You Get:

17 Vocal Warm ups (mp3s) that you can use in minutes a day to take your voice to a whole new level you didn’t know it could go!

Plus: Bonus Cool Down exercises to help you avoid strain and vocal loss!

The Singers Gift Instructional Guide. Specific step-by-step instructions to be sure you get the most out of each exercise with extra tips for how to sing high notes and fix the "break".

Click to enlarge

It’s like a Coach-in-Your-Pocket! The cool thing is you can put these exercises on your iPod, take them on your tour bus, use them in your dressing room and have a Vocal Coach-in-Your-Pocket guiding you every step of the way, anytime - anywhere!

Featured Addition: Daily Practice Videos:

To help you with your Daily Practice, alongside the vocal technique series on audio, Mama has recorded a set of 2 - 20 min videos of Singers Gift and the Master Vocal Exercises for you to practice with!

The Singer’s Gift will give you the tools you need to:

The Singer’s Gift will give you the tools you need to:

What Other Artists Are Saying:

Working with Cari has been, and continues to be an incredible experience for me. She has an amazing gift for understanding the many facets of vocal training from the technical to the mental, emotional and physical aspects. She tackles the art of singing down to the root and really helps you understand what you are doing and how it all works. With her holistic and all encompassing approach she teaches how to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the vocals!"

Singer/songwriter, S-Curve Records -

“Thank you for bringing your wisdom to our door.”


“The best voice lesson I ever had!”

Def Jam Records / 2009 Grammy for Best Urban Alternative Artist,

“Working with Cari is the single most influential choice I have made on my path to becoming a professional recording artist. Since I was very young I have had dreams of becoming a ‘pop star’- envisioning myself on a big stage, with bright lights, singing my guts out. But illustrious fantasies are nothing with out the right guidance. Luckily for me, I found Cari Cole. Cari seems to have an innate sensitivity towards people’s true selves. I think that is why she is such a great co-writer. When I first started bringing Cari lyrics, I was thrilled to find out just how intuitive and talented she is as a musician and songwriter. While I was embarrassed at first to let someone read what seemed like my diary, Cari was not at all judgmental. She has helped me get to the bottom of my messages and is able to see the parts of my songs that need some work. It has also been great that we record everything right in her studio, which gives me the instant gratification of sharing our progress with my family and friends. Cari saw and believed in my potential, I think, even more than I did. She has helped me put together my band, and been there to guide me while I find my sound and style as an artist. With her council I have just signed my first record deal. I know if it weren’t for Cari, I would still just be dreaming of what could be. While I am not claiming to have turned into Madonna since we started, I would say I am now well on my way to establishing myself as an artist. When I started working with Cari I expected to improve vocally- but I got so much more than I bargained for. She is a friend, and a mentor, and her steadfast commitment has changed my course as an artist for the better.”


“Cari, Thanks for giving my voice a deeper soul. I wish I could put you in a bottle and take you on tour with me!”


“In 15 years working as a professional singer-songwriter I never received the kind of guidance and support that Cari Cole offers in her private sessions and programs. My voice, now a stronger instrument, helped me belt high notes with such power singing on stage with Andrea Bocelli, that the press spent 30 minutes interviewing me on how I achieved my vocal accomplishments. I could only say “Cari Cole!” Working with Cari is truly and amazing gift. Do it!”


“Cari Cole is the ultimate vocal coach. Her understanding of the voice and its complexities, is not only comprehensive, meticulous and in-exhaustive, but her additional knowledge regarding everything in the music industry makes her my guiding light. There have been so many experiences so far in my career when I simply don’t know what I would have done without her!”


"I have most all of the best vocal practice programs out there. Cari's "Singers Gift" is my go-to program every day - particularly before concerts. No other program gets my voice into its best shape so fast. In about 40 minutes, I have great power, dexterity, tone, and dynamic. I've used it hundreds of times, and I still love it!"


“Cari Cole is an exceptional talent and teacher. She has the ability to cut through physical, emotional + energetic barriers which halt one's singing career and dreams. Each time I work with her I know I am being seen as whole person, and not just a 'singing voice'. Cari's perceptiveness make's it easy for her to tap in to where I need the most support. And her work goes straight to the heart. I leave her studio feeling empowered, confident and full of possibility.”

singer, songwriter, recording artist,

“I originally came across her resources when I was walking through some major vocal issues that were all due to panic attacks. Cari's guidance not only helped me chill out a bit, but it gave me some (all natural!) weapons to fight back with. Her teachings also helped me to see myself as what I am: a vocal chord athlete! That was a huge breakthrough for me, because, having been a competitive athlete in the past, that mindset helped me truly internalize the importance of warming up, staying consistent, and taking care of my body. A year later, I have just as much going on but have the tools to keep my voice healthy & strong!”


“Working with Cari Cole this past year in the Artist Success Circle has helped me raise the level of my music tremendously. My voice sounds the best it ever has, my branding has a new, fresh look, and my music business is set up to move forward. Cari’s kind, insightful instruction along with her strong encouragement, have helped me believe more fully in myself as a musician and boldly step into the challenges I face. The benefits I’ve received from working with Cari make her programs one of the best values I’ve encountered in music business training and instruction. Thank you Mama Lion!”


So I finally got around to starting the Singer's Gift Warm Ups about a week ago, and holy shit....I don't know why I waited so long to do them! Well after the first day, I was still feeling the results. I didn't realize how tense I was all these years! I played a show this past Friday, and this is the first time I have really received that much of a positive response of the whole room giving applause and people (including my friends) who were always like "Eh, yeah your stuff good" before, were now like "Wow, where can I hear more of your stuff?!"


We Get Hundreds of Emails a Year about Singers Gift Warmups from developing singers, too! Here's a few of our favorites:

“I have started to use Cari’s Singer’s warm ups and checklist. I was previously pretty consistent with another set of warm ups at some point I started practicing bad habits with those warm ups, because I was doing them mindlessly without focusing on technique. What I really appreciate about your program is that it begins with the breathing exercises. I also think the visual aspect, "watch yourself in a mirror" makes a difference to me, because it's impossible not to pay attention when you have something physical to watch for, vs. something intangible such as "keep your voice forward, in the mask of your face." It's great to have something physical to see to help identify good technique from not-so-good technique. On a last note, my very favorite thing is your perspective. It is so warm and full of love, and love is the only truth, so I truly appreciate your honesty and the genuine character that shines through in your material. I look forward to meeting you someday- Thank you for everything.”


“I have bought a lot of DVD's and CD's of vocal exercises and none of them have done anything for me, until I got Cari Cole's Singers Gift Warmups. Since then, I've discovered I have a very high voice and all the notes come out smoothly now. Thank you so much for making these warmups!”

Charlie Simon

Yellowknife, NT Canada

“Hello my coach, It's now 1 month since I purchased and started practicing the Singers Gift Vocal Warm Ups. Right now my voice is totally on a whole new level. My vocal range, tone and diction has improved greatly - in fact, my voice is getting stronger day by day. Once again, I appreciate your good work and I must say you are a great vocal coach. I’ll keep you posted as I proceed with the exercises. Thank you! ”

Oliver Odera

About Cari Cole

Cari Cole is a renowned vocal coach, artist development expert, songwriter & music producer. She helps artists find their voice, craft their style, and create successful music careers. With a passion for holistic health and 25+ years experience teaching technique and finding solutions for singing voices in New York City, Cari is currently writing a manual on vocal health for singers, actors, public speakers and entrepreneurs.

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