5 Secrets To Make Your Voice Sound Better


by Cari Cole

As one of the top vocal coaches in the country, I frequently hear: “What are your top vocal tips for singers?” Well, I could rattle off a long list, and yammer on for hours. (I’m a nerd’s nerd when it comes to vocals…) And I have a long list of favorite tricks up my sleeve from more than 20 years of coaching singers… But I love a challenge – so I pretended that I had only 5 minutes to tell you my top ones and so I wracked my brain to come up with the Top 5.

One of the things I am constantly teaching my private clients is that the voice is an instrument inside your body and you have to learn how to use it to get the most out of it. It’s very “physical” on the foundational level. To have a strong voice and to have vocal consistency there are certain things you have to know and do. There are some really simple methods you can use, right now, to get a great sound out of your instrument.

And most singers even professionals, unless they’ve trained, don’t know this stuff. Heck, most vocal coaches don’t know this stuff.

So I wanted to give them to you as if I was actually giving you a voice lesson, right here, right now. Stand in front of a mirror if you can, because I’m going to ask you to watch your jaw and your head position to control movement as you sing.


Here they are:


My Top 5 Secrets to Make Your Voice Sound Better, Instantly


1. The “Instant Vocal Fix”

This is a quick trick that makes you sound better instantly. Say A-E-I-O-U (watch your jaw movement in the mirror). Did your jaw close on any of the vowels? Chances are your jaw closed on the E and the U – and most likely on others too, if not all of them. Take your first two fingers and pull your jaw down 2 inches (or even better – use a plastic bottle cap or a cork (wine) to prop your jaw open). And speak the vowels again. And repeat again (we’re trying to re-program muscle memory – so the more the better). Now sing the vowels on one pitch. A-E-I-O-U. Your goal is to keep your jaw open (long not wide) without closing for all of your vowels. Repeat until you can do it. Now sing a phrase of one of your songs – and make sure your jaw opens to the same position on all of your vowels. You have to practice this a bunch before it becomes natural – but the more you do, the sooner this new movement is programmed into your muscle memory. And, you might be one of those lucky ones who notice the improvement in the sound right away (it will sound louder and more resonant with less vocal strain). If you don’t – don’t sweat it – you will. It just takes a little practice. (You might have some unwanted tension in your neck, jaw and throat muscles – try loosening them up and try it again.) The next time you perform open your jaw more on your vowels — it’s a quick trick that makes you sound better instantly!


2. “Think down” for High Notes 

The next time you sing an ascending vocal scale or you sing a high note,  try thinking of the way an elevator works. A heavy weight is attached to a  pulley and as the weight pulls down, the elevator actually goes up to the higher floors. So, the highest floor is reached when the weight is the heaviest. Similarly, you should think down for your high notes or think of adding weight (resistance) to your highest notes.


3. More Power without Strain

Who doesn’t want more power without strain? This is a simple technique to apply and a bit easier than the one above. All you have to do is to keep your chin pointed slightly down and your pectorals slightly flexed (well sometimes it’s a lot flexed) when you go for more power. Most singers reach forward or lift their chin up to sing with more power. While it may temporarily work, it causes vocal problems.  Tipping your chin down not only works better and saves your voice – it actually SOUNDS better! Stand in front of the good ‘ol mirror. Sing an Ah scale up and down in one phrase (1-2-3-4-3-2-1). Press your chin slightly in (point your chin towards the floor) — usually only 1” or so. Don’t let your head bob up as you raise the pitch. Keep it firmly in place. Go all the way up the scale of your voice keeping this position. Notice how your chin wants to move up as you raise your pitch. Keep it planted. This will give you more power and control and eliminate strain. Practice it until it becomes natural!


4. How to Get Natural Vibrato In Your Voice

Here’s a quick tip to get your vibrato working. Stand in front of a mirror; press on
your chest with both hands, then, raise your chest higher than normal. Take a breath in and then exhale, but don’t drop your chest. Sing one note and hold it as long as possible with your chest raised. Press on your chest halfway through the note (press kind of hard and raise your chest to meet the pressure). Relax the back of your neck and keep your jaw open as you’re singing “ahhh.” Imagine the air spinning around in your mouth while keeping your chin tucked down a bit and your chest raised. Keep in mind, overuse of vibrato is not a good thing in contemporary singing (pop, rock, and R&B). At the same time, no vibrato is also not a good thing. So, try ending phrases with straight tone, then into a little bit of vibrato. The bottom line is to do what’s best for you.


5. HearFones® 

A good vocal tone is not established by singing loudly, it’s established at medium volume. Good tone happens when vocal folds are strong enough to have a good closure but not touch. Releasing too much air creates a “breathy” tone and releasing too little air creates a “nasal” tone. Unless you’re really going for breathy or nasal as a stylistic choice, somewhere right in between the two is a perfect balance. HearFones® allow you to really hear yourself and work on your tone at medium volumes. You can find them on Amazon.com or Google “Hearfones.”


Check out this vocal program to warm up, free your voice. Comes with cool downs to condition your voice post performance.

Check out these natural remedies to keep flus and colds in check.  Check out my keep-your-voice-healthy remedies here:

More about vocal health here:

Sign up for our Free Vocal Road Warrior.

What are your favorite vocal tricks and remedies? Let’s discuss below. Here’s to better vocals!



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  • I hope that my vocal terchnique is not too ingrained that it can’t be altered and improved.

    • Hi David. I’m just now reading your comment, and Cari’s mention of HearFones (paragraph 5), and would like to say that with HearFones, what you hear of yourself will immediately make a change in how you sing — in ‘real time’. Over 15,000 users around the world have told us so. It’s easy to understand why: imagine you’re a girl, putting on make-up WITHOUT a mirror. You’ve done it all your life, and you know the moves, but . . . As an infant boy, as a young child learning to speak, as a boy emulating the sound of a fire truck, you’ve never been able to actually hear your own voice . . . the one your audience hears. Your German teacher asks to to repeat and improve your diction in “Freude, schöner Götterfunken, tochter aus Elysium,” and you try and try and try, but . . . With HearFones, you will be building sound motor skills that teach you how to articulate the way you want to sound.

      • ringoelvovo

        ive tried this and it realy helped me and know my voice change and some people somtimes tel me my v
        oice sounds better .but all thanx to ur advice god bless u..

  • debby

    really really helped

  • Thanks for the tips but when i go a little high my voice cracks.

  • My name is alex i have a problem the problem is i’m 20 year now and my voice is like girl can you tell me how i improve my voice to singing.

    • Cari Cole

      HI Alex, You are probably a high tenor voice. It’s best to take some voice lessons and learn how to use it to get it sounding as good as it can. High tenor voices are sought after so I think if you embrace it you will find it is an asset. In the meanwhile download my Singers Gift Warmups to help you lower your larynx and make your voice feel more comfortable! https://www.caricole.com/singersgift

  • Josh

    Hi, I’m Josh and I am learning all the components of singing. I have fairly large vocal range, however, I would like to know how to sing in harmony. Some excersises, tips, and rules of harmony are the things that I am looking for. Does anyone know where I can get this? Thank you.

  • Gary Hanks

    Hello, I am having trouble determining/keeping my vocal tone. I sometimes have the tone like Toby Keith or Trace Adkins, and sometimes I am not even close. I am not sure what to do to find and keep that tone. Is there a secret to enhancing the deep dark tone? I seemed to drink too much coffee, do you think that is the reason? dehydration? Thanks, Gary

    • Cari Cole

      HI Gary, Sounds like you might be manipulating your voice to sound like Toby or Trace and that you’re not really in control of your voice? I would highly recommend training to strengthen your voice and develop consistency! If you can’t afford a vocal coach right now – start here with these exercises. https://www.caricole.com/singersgift – they have helped thousands of artists with their voices. Hope that helps! Good luck!

  • jimmy

    Thanks indeed, I will try practicing that. I love singing but been wondering what to do to my cracking voice.

  • Kate

    I sing in a band with a very strong lead singer. When we sing together, my voice just blends into hers and no one can ever hear me. How can I make my voice more distinctive or at least louder?

    • Cari Cole

      You are supposed to blend in when singing harmony so that’s perfect. To make your voice more distinctive sing on your own more to develop your own style. To make it louder work on your breathing and relaxing your neck but keeping your chest lifted during singing.

      • Cari ,please i need your help, to control my voice,sometimes i used to sing good but next bad or not.what can i do?

  • andrew

    thanks for the tips i will try them every night .and how come when i when i try to sing high my voice does want to?

    • andrew

      and can you tell me some vacal warm ups to do

    • Cari Cole

      High notes require breath control. Try taking a bigger breath down into your diaphragm before you sing a higher note. Keep your chest lifted and your don’t let your chin reach up – keep it neutral. Flex your pectorals slightly and try to keep the back of your mouth open (make a space at the back of your mouth) Then use my they will help open up your voice and improve your breath control and strengthen your high notes!

  • Tsilky

    My problem is that, my voice use to be very good when i’m singing with low volume, but to increase it is the problem

  • Brittain

    I still can’t get a vibrato working at all. I’ve been researching forever and just can’t figure out what’s wrong with me. Does my voice need to be stronger first before the vibrato will come? I feel like at the moment i’m simply practicing “laaa” repeatedly with no outcome. My ultimate goal is just have a vibrato, doesn’t even need to be a good one, i just want the experience of having one.

    • Cari Cole

      HI Brittain – you are holding your neck and throat muscles are too tight. Lift your chest high, relax your throat and neck and sing. For more help book a Cole Power Hour with me and I can fix it for you in one session!

  • rachel dee

    i am singing tonight and my voice is a bit strained from the practice sessions..a little help please

    • Cari Cole

      Drink lots of water, take a bath, use tiger balm on your neck (have someone massage your neck muscles if possible) or go to an acupunturist and rest your voice. Then for warm up do the cool downs on The Singers Gift Warmups to thin out the vocal folds and reduce inflammation (the last exercise in the series!)

  • alfred

    its difficult to me to sing at lower key what shall do to train my voice at lower key

  • Naman Nagpal

    I want to make my voice thin or soft. Before my voice was good and soft but now my voice is not good. can you help.

  • hellobabe

    thanks this helped a lot

  • Jack

    Hi, Cari cole am singing very well but I don’t make the high Notes. When I sing loudly my voice are cracks



  • Beril Taşkın

    Hi!firstly ı want to say ı’m from turkey. my all teachers and friends thinking ı have musical intelligence. when ı play piano ı’m doing amazing things ı learned myself guitar piano violin ı want to be better about music but my country haven’t got enough music school teacher and support what am I supposed to do . ıf someone can come back to me ı’ll be thankful. thanks for reading

    • Cari Cole

      You can train with our programs online. Start here https://www.caricole.com/singersgift. This set of exercises is transforming singers voices worldwide. Never give up ever.

  • mayank

    i want to rais my voice throw.pls solve my problem.

  • Savanna

    I have a passion for singing! I’m a 15 year old girl and the only job I have ever wanted was to be a singer. The thing is, I dont know how good I am or if I can make my goals happen. I would like to have a more controlled voice for sure. Is there any more tips you can help with so that I can learn to control my voice? Also, with my pitch. I don’t know if it’s because I dont open my mouth enough or if I am trying to hard but I cant seem to make myself happy with my pitch. Any tips or suggestions? Thank you! xx

    • Cari Cole

      HI Savanna,
      I recommend training your voice with vocal technique to improve your pitch and gain more control over your voice. It really works! Click here for the best exercises on the planet!

  • Aditya

    i have a poor but fluent voice i have breaks in my voice . is there any solution ?

    • Cari Cole

      Yes there is. Most singers have breaks in their voice. You have to strengthen that area by exercising your voice with specific vocal exercises while holding your jaw down to lower the larynx. It is a process. You shouldn’t open the jaw too far (only about 1.5-2″ depending on how easily your jaw opens) This is a process we use in vocal technique that is a bit more complex than that but you can start with these exercises here https://www.caricole.com/singersgift

  • david charm

    thanks, now, i think am almost doing it, bt d mucus on ma throat is becoming a block bt otherwise am starting to sound the way i want!

    • Cari Cole

      Gargle with Alkalol (product) to get rid of mucous for up to 2 hours. However, stop eating dairy and wheat and stop eating late at night and your mucous should go away.

  • Christian

    Many of my friends says that I have a good voice. I am a tenor and I admit I have a good voice and I can reach high notes without cracking but my voice sounds awkward when you hear it in mic and in phone. Please help me fix my problem thank you

    • Cari Cole

      Hi Christian! Getting your voice to sound good on the microphone is an art unto itself. Try getting a bit closer to the mic and use breath control to control volume to get a better rounder sound (instead of the thin sound that comes from being too far away) and sing with Hearfones to get better control over the sound of your voice http://www.hearfones.com – That’s a start – of course there is a lot more to it. I recommend training with a great vocal coach who can show you more.

  • Deepanshu

    I don’t have a good voice but I like to sing my voice is too much manly and there is always some mucus sticking on my throat can u help me.I m just 15

  • Clinton

    Hi, I love singing and I always try to imitate any voice I listen to.. I also have this natural baritone to tenor voice but every time I try using my natural voice to sing to any song I’m listening to I just find it difficult to do so because I feel I’m note hitting d notes right and so I switch to copying the voice. What do I do pleaseeeee. And is drinking warm water good for the voice.

  • Jasmine

    hey i’m jasmine , this helped me a loooot, thank you so much, i have a question tho.. my voice kinda gets cracked and rusty sometimes , do you know any possible way to make my voice more smooth and clear ? 🙂

    • Cari Cole

      Raspy voices usually come from dehydration so be sure you get a lot of water! 8-10 glasses per day. Cracks happen from allergies and reflux. Stay away from acidic foods (orange juice, marinara sauce and fried foods are the biggest offenders.) Cracks also happen frequently to weak voices and you can strengthen yours with vocal training – start here https://www.caricole.com/singersgift

  • Izzy Rodger

    Hi! I sing with too much power and have too strong of a vibrato. Can you help me?

    • Cari Cole

      Absolutely! Use Hearfones when vocalizing to control your power (www.hearfones.com) and it will help you sing with more tone and better pitch. For too much vibrato – practice landing on each note with “straight tone” first and then release into vibrato. Don’t let your voice vibrato right away. This technique will help you control where and when you use it!

  • Emil Zevron Ryan

    I am teenager and sings a little bit …my voice already cracked ..but it still is undergoing some variations which is not so suitable for my singing career …is there any way for me to save my voice from variation and improve it over time …..??

    • Cari Cole

      Hi Emil,
      This is perfectly normal although not desirable! Yes there is! The most important thing to do during this transition is to practice vocal technique exercises to strengthen your voice and help with this transition. Start with these https://www.caricole.com/singersgift – these exercises are transforming singers voices easily and effectively. They include specific exercises to strengthen your voice and the “larynx pull down” exercise that will help with cracking! Keep us posted on your progress!

  • Tiffany Mack

    Hi, I’ve been trying for a really long time to make my voice stronger and louder. I can sing high notes and low notes but really softly. If you listen to Get it Right from Glee sung by Lea Michelle she has such a strong voice with a lot of emotion. Do you have any suggestions on how to maybe get closer to that point? Obviously I’m not going to sound exactly like her but I would like to get better. I have had a huge dream of becoming a singer and right now I don’t know how to even achieve that goal.

    • Cari Cole

      HI Tiffany,
      That is not unusual. It’s sounds like your vocal cords are a bit farther apart which makes a “breathier” sound and the singer has trouble managing the airflow to create volume. The solution is to practice vocal technique scales – in particular “ee” vowels to pull the cords together and be able to sing with more tone and volume.

  • Alfredo

    I can sing high notes and low notes (vocal range eb2 to f#6) , but I have a break (a place where i cant reach) at f4 and above.. How can I stretch vocal range to its limits and sing higher than so?

    • Alfredo

      Revision: vocal break is f4 to b4. I want to bridge these two to sing.

      • Alfredo

        Also, my voice in the 5th octave and above goes into falsetto.

    • Cari Cole

      Alfred, Your break is perfectly normal. It’s called “the pssagio”. The way to fix the break is to train your voice with vocal technique the build strength in the pssagio or “break” area. Singers are like athletes who need to train the small muscles of the voice to improve performance. Start with these https://www.caricole.com/singersgift In time your break will smooth out and your range will expand as a result! Good luck and keep us posted!

    • Cari Cole

      Alfred, Your break is perfectly normal. It’s called “the pssaggio”. The way to fix the break is to train your voice with vocal technique the build strength in the pssaggio or “break” area. Singers are like athletes who need to train the small muscles of the voice to improve performance. Start with these https://www.caricole.com/singersgift In time your break will smooth out and your range will expand as a result! Good luck and keep us posted!

  • zibeon ZH

    Hy m Zibeon
    ma voice sound deep and loud did u tink is ok for a good singing pls help

  • Vishwjeet Singh

    i want to become a singer so can you tell me how i make my voice sweet for singing

  • Alfredo

    I have a range from eb2 to g6 but i really want to sing from f4 to b4. I dont know how to release tension and I really want some tip. My singing voice went wrong when I was 15, 5 years ago. Please can you give me one good tip.

  • James Kex

    Hey, I’m 18 I always dream to become a Singer but am worry about my voice, so I try to take a vocal class but no vocal class in my places, I try many website to help myself out to make my voice clear but no way so please help me out,

  • mayank

    i wanna low my pitch. can you plz help ,me?

  • truce

    Hey ..i have really bad and harsh voice ..i have tried singing a couple of times on the phone recorder and it really sounds akward ..how can i improve my tone and make my voice more melodious ?

  • Sahir Khan

    Hello, i am Sahir Khan and i’ve recently started, i actually can sing good in my normal voice and better in my head voice but as i reach on higher notes i sing them barely as they are in other words i lose control on higher notes.What can i do? and also i have a decent vibrato in my normal voice but i lose them also on higher notes to some extent…..i will be very thankful if you help….. thanks.

  • Sean

    download the voice in ur phone

  • disqus_Vss2NXF6wB

    Hi! I really want to access and strengthen my mix because my range excluding my falsetto is from E2 to E4. I want to expand my range a little higher, using my mix. Any tips

  • Hi Cari Cole, Please can you help? Everyday I practice religiously for 2 hours. However, I still have problems recognizing the notes and chords. Do you have any advice? Thank you.

    • Lau Khder

      Hey there,
      1. never be shy 2. practice infront of an audience 3. check your vocals always and 4. have fun.

      • Thanks!

        • Lau Khder

          No worries, also Stick to one Genre

  • Emily Hoisington

    Hi my name is Emily and I’m 13. I have always loved singing but my problem is that I can sing low and high but not in the middle. it’s really annoying because when in choir I can’t always hit the notes the other girls do with out it sounding weak. do you think this might change as I get older? what should I do?

    • Parvati Harnesberry

      yes it does change after a while your voice will get stronger(after puberty) how i know is i was in your exact same position

    • Lau Khder

      Stick to e.g. either hip hop or rap.

  • Annebana Bien

    hi i’m Annebana,18 years of age from the philippines..I really want to have a good voice,can I still have it in my age? and my falsetto are not that high/loud..

    • Luffy Castro

      Haha were the same age…i also want to improve my voice.. Im from ph also

    • Lau Khder

      Age doesn’t matter.

  • Pamen Pamen

    hi i am

  • Arrolla

    Hellomy name is Arrolla , I have recently developed rattling in my throat. I’m very frustrated because I can’t get rid of it, at first I thought it was a cold or the flu, but then it stayed for a long time. I now am afraid that my voice will have this phelmy sound.I’m currently trying eucalyptus oil in the air that helps a lot, but I’m wondering if you have some other ideas that I could use. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.

    • Lau Khder

      If you are 12->beggining of 15, it is common.

  • Swagga Blaze

    I have very bad voice…..

  • Amelie

    Hi… so when I sing I think I sound really good, but then I record it and listen to it and I sound really young (I’m 15, by the way) and shy, and my voice just sounds really unnatural. My choir teacher recently asked me to start cantoring at my church, but I don’t want to sing and then sound like an idiot in front of a few hundred people… Do you have any suggestions to help make my voice sound more natural and confident? Thanks!

    • reincarnationfish

      Hey, I’m a producer not a singer, so pardon me if this answer is a bit on the lines of “A Man with a Hammer sees every problem as a nail”. Maybe part of the problem is the recording and not your voice at all. Firstly everyone’s voice sounds weird to them when they first hear it recorded. That’s something you just need to get used to. Also, if your voice sounds “Unnatural” it might be because the way you are recording it has no reverb. You can fix that by standing further from the mic (especially if you’re standing in a church), or by getting some freebie music recording software that will add artifical reverb. Unless you have a good mic and know what you are doing, you’ll probably get a better result doing it in software. You might want to try adding some compression too. Once you realize you can get a better recorded sound, hopefully that will make you more confident singing live.

    • Lau Khder

      hey im like in your position, but i saw multiple dreams connected to lil wayne where i then appeared in a studio with him and taylor swift who said i can be a singer… tbh *to be honest with you* I think you just cannot be shy anymore, that is a key.

  • marion kalb

    Drink water. If you think drinking water is only good for physical fitness, newsflash: it’s great for vocal health, too. Load up on the H20 to keep your vocal folds hydrated, healthy, and ready to go. Breath down low and keep good posture.


  • Theroyalvessels Covenant Voice

    i don’t have a good voice but i like to sing



  • Full_ Moon

    i sound terrible.i always want to sing but im very shy because i dont sound good

    • shajilah

      itz k

    • Parvati Harnesberry

      you never know, dont be so shy maybe someone will tell u that youre the next best singer….keep your head up

    • Lau Khder

      yo i went infront of my class and sang in music of course with the attention on my ass i struggled but im glad i did it, because it helped me very much, try it too man !

  • keishun woods

    Hi my name is Kei-shun and I’m a tenor. I have a non straining vocal range from G#2-E4. My music teacher, Daniel Henry, told me that I have the quality of a tenor one, so I sing tenor one. When I was 14 I could sing cheat voice to C5 with no problem. Now I’m 17 I start to strain going pass E4, as if my voice tries to go into head tone. If I sing soft I can sing to C5, but when I sing tenor one in the choir can’t get pass the E4; it would sound throaty and straining. I want to know how could I train myself to sing between F4-C5 with no problem, so I could be a tenor one like I want to be.

  • Parvati Harnesberry

    i love to sing i have been singing since i was three, people say they love to hear me sing and i think i have some potential, but i dont know where to start someone help!!!!! please and thank u very much

  • Hunter

    Hello, well I’m 17 and a dude and I really do love music and the way I can connect to it… but I also have severe anxiety and am so nervous about anything and everything…. I’ve been trying to teach myself to sing better and play a guitar but it’s way too much to teach myself…. any tips on here on where to go? I honestly Don’t Think I sound that great and I’m really Self concious about it But I Feel Like If I Had A Better Understanding of it all
    I might sound decent…

  • tyler

    hello I am 15 and I need some more advice to make my voice sound professional and sometimes I sing to myself and sometimes I tell myself no is there like a special herb I can make that could help my voice sound like a singer

    • Von Elbridget Zulhilmi

      i know right! ppl always said my voice is good but if we compare to the professional singers.. it feels like every each and one of them has something special that we dont have!

  • solomon king

    hello my name is solomon,i am 18,i love music deeply,to me its likes a medium to send messages accross to people and i have been trying to build up my voice
    i wanna be somewhere close to sam smith.i have huge dreams to be a professional singer someday and i think i need help to build my voice and to be calm when taking high note,i have lots of emotional songs but i need my voice to be .Thanks cari

  • Sheikh Rafiqoor Rahman

    thank you…this whole article is true…i did it and i can sing for a longer time and my voice is becoming good…thank you so much once again for writing about this…thanks…

  • Urvi Patel

    Music is my passion and i really wanna develop my voice to a professional level though i have great difficulty in singing high notes.. Will try using these tricks n hope it really works

  • Antonio

    I’m 12 my Voise is amathing but how can I get famouse

    • Sparkle

      Correct your spelling, you will get a bit more famous

  • marcos

    famous is with no e you can start there

  • marcos

    Has any one heard of Il VOLO

    • LiveloveDaily

      I have one of their CDs. They’re fantastic – especially for being so young!

  • Umair Zainudeen

    hi..my name is umair from malaysia..im 13

    years old..can you tell me how to do the headvoice..ςคกyou

    • LiveloveDaily

      Once you enter high school (if you’re not already there), join the chorus. There you will learn everything there is to know about how to sing. And it’s all free!

  • sherilyn

    hi im sherilyn i want to have a singing lesson can any body teach me how

    • utpal

      sure 🙂

      • utpal

        u can join me on skype- utpalrokz

  • Kayla Paige

    I’ve been taking vocal lessons for about three years now and I love it so much. I’ve already learned these tips and tricks, but I’m so glad someone else knows it exactly.

    • Mirabels

      Can i get any tips from you ? i can’t afford vocale lessons

  • utpal

    u can join me on skype- utpalrokz for free vocal classes and harmonium classes

    • Ronrod2332

      Hey man you would really give vocal classes through skype?

    • MayR

      Hey are you serious? And if you are, are you still open for this?

    • Zara Elahi

      join me on skype @potato_person101
      to work on perfecting your voice!

  • Sapwavi Kane

    I am asthmatic yet I love singing. But I don’t get the best I can especially when it comes to hitting high notes. How do I overcome this challenge ?

    • Nathaniel Tigyimah

      you need to drink a lot water and need sit upright and breath slowing

    • MaggieMay

      To be honest, when you’re hitting the higher notes, you should be shifting from your chest to your head voice anyway, so you asthma is less of a problem for higher notes and more of a problem when singing constantly low. Primatene tablets at Walmart (they’re behind the counter so you have to ask but they’re not prescription) before you sing for a long time will help a lot.

      • Tiago Branco Prata

        maybe you cant, but to be honest….. let someone else judge you. A human will always certainly “down criticize his own traits (voice included)”. Let someone who u know will be 100% honest judge you. Best choice would be a person that cant sing himself but listens to shit loads of vocals. Trust me im a pioneer 😉

  • A’s Fluky

    wow really helpful; Hey i’m A’s Fluky (: an underground raper/singer wanting to go mainstream in R&B. My Main type of music is rap, and you bet i’m good at it. If anyone is interested in starting something big with me , give me a reply ( i’m serious about this).

    • Mykya Peterson

      I want to get into the R&B scene as well and I would mind doing a collaboration with you

    • Aerios

      I’m a rapper as well, serious as well, interested?…as well 🙂

    • Anthony lopez

      Hey A’s Fluky, im anthony from fresno and would be more than happy to start something big. I’ve been looking all around for someone that is serious but just dont have enough thrive to actually become something
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    • Rebecca Mo

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    • The Lone Wolfe

      Dude I am Lone Wolf and am trying to begin my career in Rap ……. And u can bet I can write great rap in just couple of minutes …… Here’s my first ever rap song I wrote and put it up on Utube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gu3_XK5zZas … I have about 5 songs up in my pocket and need a partner in this one who can help me with music and stuff and also I have this song recorded in mobile due to lack of any technical stuff for recording it …… Rply if interested … ANyone email me @ tirth_7399@yahoo.com

    • Mehreen Hazeeb

      me,please,please reply then we will further contact

    • Anna Ford

      hello my name is anna ford i realise this is from 2 years ago but i love singing im pretty good at it most types i love ruth b and adele and alicia keys brian mcknight are all great artists i can sing great to others too but let me know if ur intrested im 20 and lovee to sing its my passion and hope to get in contact with anyone who is very serious for starting something big my insta is @theycallme_fabio_yo lol message me if ur truely intrested

    • ariana likanhik

      Its rapper not raper

      Raper: The crime of using force or threat of force to compel a person to submit to some other sexual penetration. c. Other unlawful sexual intercourse or penetration, as with an unconscious person or person below the age of or incapable of consent.

      Rapper: a person who performs rap music.

    • ariana likanhik

      but really, good job!!! 🙂

  • Ricardo Anderson

    I LOVE singing. I just suck and I’m half convinced that I’ll never be good at it. I cant really afford the cost if singing lessons but i want to learn sooooo badly.

    • Freddy

      I know your struggles. I want to be able to sing, not be like, really talented or anything, just good enough that people don’t tell me to shut up. I think any singing teacher would probably just slam the door shut in my face I’m that bad tbh

    • Tiago Branco Prata

      You will suck if this is the attitude u give it. In order to have good vocals you also need to trust yourself!….. Close your eyes, and sing whatever comes….. twist the lyrics of already known songs, and use your current feelings. I bet youre trying to imitate other singers voices. Which is where youll sound like a mule cause every person has a different voice.

      Dont give up 🙂 Practice makes perfect even if it looks like its the longest Mile that youll ever walk!

      • Brandon MacP

        Tiago is 100% correct here. You really are better at anything you do when you do it with confidence, I haven’t haven’t sang in a while since I lost my guitar but I use to have half@sssd confidence in it. I started singing again tonight and was confident anything is achievable if you set your mind (also had a lot of complements about my ability which helps) and I have been singing better then I ever have before, all day today. When you don’t believe in your abilities you don’t give it your all, the key is believing in yourself completely so can give it everything you have, without sabotaging yourself due to worry that your best isn’t good enough.

    • Brandon MacP

      Tiago is 100% correct here. You really are better at anything you do when you do it with confidence, I haven’t haven’t sang in a while since I lost my guitar but I use to have half@sssd confidence in it. I started singing again tonight and was confident anything is achievable if you set your mind (also had a lot of complements about my ability which helps) and I have been singing better then I ever have before, all day today. When you don’t believe in your abilities you don’t give it your all, the key is believing in yourself completely so can give it everything you have, without sabotaging yourself due to worry that your best isn’t good enough. Your mind is your own best friend and worst enemy.

  • nonam

    thank you it is really helpful

  • Loralei Thompson

    Hey peepoles, I am 11 yrs. old and am going to try out for the talent show tomorrow so I looked up how to make my voice sound better and this is what I found. I actually, believe it or nah, have a really great tip on how to make your voice sound better. Ok, this is really old but works really amazing, and you don’t have to go anywhere to do this.(Unless you don’t have salt then GO FORREST GO!! BUY SOME SALT!!! XD) Ok, so simple my 1 yr. old sis did it. All you have to do is get some water, prehebly hot to make the next step easier. Then you add some salt, however much desired, and mix continually. Then, after you finish and then salt water is all mixed up u just gargle it ( WHATEVER YOU DO DONT SWALLOW!!!!! IT CAN MESS UP YOUR BODIES BALANCE OF SALT!!!! IF U DRINK IT THEN IT MAY CAUSE SERIOUS OFF BALANCE SALT LEVELS AND U MAY HAVE TO GO TO THE HOSPITSAL!!) But, do not worry if you swallowed a little bit. JUST DONT SWALLOW PURPOSLLY!!!! Well, that’s all, bye peeps. See ya next time!!

    • Dishon

      You won’t go to the hospital for drinking salt water. Salt is in everything. Sure if you drink it in an excessive amount you might get a little sick/dehydrated but that’s it. Other than that good tip for helping soothe a sore throat.

  • Blue˚King

    And I’m going to be completely honest. I found it hard to understanding the wording in almost all points in the entire article. I think this is the author doing many idea or procedures were explained too complex for me. Even the whole elevator thingy. I want to find good recording tips for vocals. I trust my voice has good pitch as is. Anyone?

    • MlkXProtege

      I definitely understand where you are coming from. I couldnt hit high notes with good tone literallu a few weeks ago. Now that I know how to sing more correct I can definitely understand her anologies. Singing is hard to teach, I imagine because people are stubborn lol

      • Blue˚King

        You’re exactly right. Where my strength lies is in writing ideas.
        Meter and timing are sort of different. They use different compartments
        of the brains also. Thanks for your feedback though and check out my
        website http://www.promusic.nyc

  • sid

    can anyone plz upload the video on this 5 points on youtube

  • Austin

    This is OK…. but I need more anyway I’m Michael Austin upcoming artiste R&B I find it so difficult to shot loud and my voice is like hooking too…. I don’t know why….. well any help u got email me michaelaustin0909@yahoo.com and michaelaustin0909@gmail.com or BBM is 2BE90951 or Emife500@twitter.com, Emife200@instagram.com please help

  • Angie Greene

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  • Angie Greene

    To become a better singer, visit http://www.SingBetter.info – the tips on that website have helped me discover how to get the best tone out of my voice while improving my pitch so it sounds full and pure. It has helped me develop an ear with the ability to simply hit the right notes with confidence. It has explained exactly how to breathe so that I get the most out of my voice. I’m able to sing for hours without strain! The unique exercises have taken me beyond a simple warm up routine helping my voice “breakthrough”. My range has increased, I hit higher notes, and I feel less strain in my voice and notes that were once impossible to reach are now easy to sing. I like that the online course is much more affordable than expensive private singing lessons. I have the flexibility to do my singing lessons when it is most convenient and I can work through the modules at my own pace. The tips on that website are an incredible resource…it definitely has improved my voice! If it worked for me, I promise it’ll work for you too!

  • Freddy

    Ugh, I wish I could sing. I want to get into theatre acting (its my first job choice, I do have backups) but being able to sing is something that would really help me as musical theatre is big in the industry (well, where I live, its the only kind of theatre) and yeah. Its not shyness or anything like that because when I do perform, I am the most confident person ever its just my singing voice sounds like 100 cats being strangled :/ is there anything that could help me?

  • crossover lover

    my voice just sounds bad i gotta accept it

    • Eddy Catic

      You do not have to accept that Do speech exercises 2 -3 hours a day.

  • Wow, great tips I’ll be using! Seriously trying to become a Christian contemporary artist, and trying out for an audition next Friday. This is my first time auditioning, and I’ve been looking for any help I can get. Thanks for the short, simple tips, and I’ll definitely be checking out your whole site!

    “Whatsoever ye do, do unto the glory of God”

    • Ravioli

      great stuff Reagan, hoping the Audition went well. wishing you only the best.

      • Thanks. I didn’t get picked, but it was one of the best experiences I ever had!

        • Brendan

          Hi Reagan…as someone who listens to little else than Christian music…Casting Crowns, MercyMe, Michael W, Third Day and much Bethel Music…I have just successfully auditioned for a local Carols this year, singing Cloverton’s A Christmas Hallelujah – trying to make sure there is some good Christian message amongst the traditional stuff. I’m 55, and this is the first big one for me (5000+ people ) so keep going and good luck. Hoping these tips help…bd040197@hotmail.com br

  • sri ram

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    • Pyra Storm

      Sup my sister just started a band. Its called dreams on fire. We’re a rock band and i play bass and backup vocals it just started up so we kinda have no experience and we are looking for a drummer that lives in la grande OR contact me at pyra57tormsdeath@gmail.com if you can

  • Elijah Adams


  • Elijah Adams

    hey a’s flucky i have a sound cloud with currently 80 followers and would love to callab with you as you can probably already tell by my profile pic i am very easy to work with. even though i am only 15 turning 16 i do have a little experience with this. i am not great with lyrics but everyone seriously says that my rap voice is really nice for a 15 yearold!

    • Tiago Branco Prata

      Age is a number 😀 I believe in you bruh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go for it !!!!!! Itll be the longest yard but dont give in!

  • Diozark Krazoid

    I am just starting at 48, and loving being involved with music again,
    So far I sing Fly Me to the Moon by Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra we’ll, still need to work on Dynamics, and Soft Attacks on the Power Phrases, but my instructor wants me to learn and practice Against All Odds, holy moly that song is very hard for me, not sure what is holding me back, I realized tonight that the phrases are a lot longer and there is less time to breathe in for the next one, any Suggestions ?? My mind is stuck in trying to impersonate the artist and duplicate their sound vs using my own natural voice.
    Thank You

  • Harry

    Thank you. Helpful.

  • Mirai Kuriyama

    Woah, this was so helpful! It’s always been my dream as a kid of becoming a singer, especially a K-Pop one, so this was more than enough to help me have more confidence in my voice.
    The only thing I still can’t do (or get) is the “Vibrato”, but I’ll work harder and harder to make it happen.

    Also, my english isn’t that good so sorry if there are any gramatical errors in what I wrote.

    Thank you!

  • Marshallpackers

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  • V Sonia Jungkook

    well can you tell me how to be an amazing kpop rapper and how to speak it fast ?

  • Samuel Das

    Hey my name is Samuel from India I’m a song writer and would love to get a producer I have already published a song on YouTube this is the link
    If anyone thinks I’m good enough and wanna produce me please contact me at samueldas236@gmail.com

    • Ichigo Asuna

      Your song and your voice is beautiful but here are some tips to make it more beautiful !!!
      Tips :
      1) When you guys ( Guy and Girl ) sang together the girls voice was much louder than yours. So it would be better if your vocals are equal
      2) When you sing make your voice much more deeper since it’s a love song
      I love your song and the way you put your song in rhythm with the guitar .

    • Suraj Arya

      I am interested to sing a song with you guyz.
      I’ll send you my audio clip.
      Here’s my no. 9971425306
      Please text me.

    • Dilton

      I need the lyrics to this song to try my version

    • #229theblock #229theblock

      Hello Samuel this is Devin Co Founder of 229Theblock and online radio station for inde artist. Would love to have you submit tracks over for consideration 229theblock@gmail.com or check out website http://www.229theblock.com. we do have listeners in india.

      • Samuel Das

        Hey Devin I’m sorry for the late response but I did do a cover on stone cold by Demi
        Here is the link for it
        And if u would like to listen to some of my own projects please inbox me
        Thank you

    • Kain Baker

      Hey Samuel, I listened to this from all the way in Australia. I thought it was well put together, the rhythm of the lyrics over the chords was great. I wouldn’t have had the lead guitar doodling in the verse tho. It didn’t seem well put together and the part before both singers dragged a little bit overall I thought it was pretty good and kept me entertained.

      • Samuel Das

        Thanks a lot kain and yes the guitar was kinda everywhere thanks for sharing : )
        And yes I’ll try my best to keep u entertained

  • 1.Open your mouth. Yes! That’s right, it’s so obvious that it’s often overlooked but opening your mouth a little more when you sing makes a huge difference to your overall sound.

    2.Sing with confidence.

    3.Warm up before you sing. I use a lot of references to sport when I’m explaining singing techniques because as a singer, you really are an athlete…

  • Helcane Paulin

    In my earlier childhood .. I had been a choir to church…. So really taking up some of these voice lessons will sound better ..

  • Kanade Kira

    Thank you for the information. Reseantly my voice started cracking and i couldnt reach my usual high notes so i didnt attend choir ( one of the leads ). I tried this and its pretty helpful, just not super sure if my proper voices will come back. ????

  • OldRegularBaptist

    I’m an old regular baptist and I want to sing but I have no tone and sound nasally help??

  • Autumn Trujillo

    Great tips! I’ve always wanted to become a singer, these will for sure help me. Thanks.

  • Nekisha Rhodes

    Wow! I have been singing for years and this really works. Thank you for sharing this! A’s Fluky I have been trying to see how I could get my music out maybe we could work together on somethings?

  • Natalia Sanderson

    Great article, wow! I haven’t hear about the “think down” technique so far, will try it out in my next singing session 🙂 I would love to hear from you as an expert, what do you think about those tips I wrote? 🙂 I am not a professional singer, but I did a research on useful tips for musicians. I will definitely link your page there, too 🙂 http://blog.sofasession.com/how-to-improve-your-voice/

  • shirls

    I have a raspy voice and been told its very unique but sadly I’m very bad at singing but i kinda wanna be better now. What should i start doing

    • kpoprocks

      get a private tutor to teach you the basics after u know the basics u can learn on your own. that’s what I did and it worked out amazing!!!! u need someone to start u off so that you know the notes and tuning.

  • Lucy Jones

    Much obliged to you for your post!This instructional exercise is astounding! Loads of incredible data including however breathing is a subset of singing that numerous Famous Vocal Coaches they understand the should effectively consider and cultivate more noteworthy control of. Case in point, a significant number of us vocalists have a tendency to breathe in much as we do when we’re sitting, strolling, or talking.

  • Ori

    IG @ ori_aru
    Plz do also hit me up. I’ll b2b and follow you

    M based in south Africa.

    M a vocalist
    And rap too. This is amazing. Love the support here

  • I’m new to this field and I’m very serious in forming a new band if anyone interested please let me know contact me on my email: summar_az@yahoo.com

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    These are great tips. I will definitely share them with my readers, too. I have more tips at http://justlearntosing.com/

  • Ty

    I don’t understand the first one… it says to make sure your mouth doesn’t close some to generate different sound… but based on my knowlege of language, and me trying to do this, it is impossible to make different tones without moving your jaw. It would clearly sound like “cah homwah eekein thih to re” Can someone explain this to me?

  • Angel Rheater

    this was really helpful. ..thanks

  • The Lone Wolfe

    Dude I am Lone Wolf and am trying to begin my career in Rap ……. And u can bet I can write great rap in just couple of minutes …… Here’s my first ever rap song I wrote and put it up on Utube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gu3_XK5zZas … I have about 5 songs up in my pocket and need a partner in this one who can help me with music and stuff and also I have this song recorded in mobile due to lack of any technical stuff for recording it …… Rply if interested … ANyone email me @ tirth_7399@yahoo.com PS Ik my voice sounds a bit shitty but i had not got a proper recorder for recording it

  • Great tips

  • Lucy Jones

    Try not to avoid the warm up. Begin at Middle C on the piano and gradually work your way all over the scale. Know your reach and its limits. When singing, your breathing ought to be profound, low, and supported. Get help of private Classically Trained pop Singer for Raise your hard sense of taste with every breath to open the throat.

  • Zdylanz90

    Hello, my name is Dylan. I am a High school student and I have been really wanting to start a band. If need be, I will go independent. I do struggle with equipment and money because, well, I have no money! I believe that I am a good singer and that I can get better. My one problem is stage fright. Terrified by the thought. Though I do have this fear and I plan on working on it, I really would like a vocal teacher or maybe someone who could help me with my music. If you think you can help in any way, PLEASE contact me at my email, zdylanz90@gmail.com. Thanks!

    • Preshus

      I’ve been wanting to start a band forever. I write lyrics.

      • Anna Ford

        dude write me lyrics and get a tune for me maybe this could be us i can sing very well

  • ChuChuSenpai

    Heyo.. I’m Chu and I’m in high school c: thanks you for the tips.. I have been singing for a few years and I have been told that I have a decent voice. I can hit low notes as good as my high notes.. but I’d like to try harder.. and this is a good challenge for me c:

  • Lucy Jones

    Try not to avoid the warm up. Warm up your voice everyday, Famous Vocal Coaching said that Finding a voice is not an easy task. Know your reach and its limits. When singing, your breathing ought to be profound, low, and supported. spend as much time practicing as you will in front of an audience.

  • Lientje Appelsientje

    It helps to control my voice. Still need Some practice on the high notes but i like the effect of this excirsice ! Also my vibrato sounds a lot better! Thank you for posting this. Grtzzz

  • Dilton

    I need an RnB song writer
    . skydilton@gmail.com

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    Hey i have a sweet voice and i also have a song written by me. So if any producer wants then i can sing it for it please contact to me for more detail.

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    And please SUBSCRIBE guys it would be very helpful
    The link for the video is given below:
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  • Thats really to good… Thanks

  • A big thanks to you…Reagards

  • Praise N Jonathan

    Hey all!! i’m Jonathan praise from Nigeria i don’t write songs in the moment but i’m a good singer.
    CARI COLE coaching was indeed helpful.
    I would love to view more this articles.

  • Jen

    Nice tips ?Does anyone know a good online program, which would improve my singing voice ?

    • Andrea

      I have seen many programs out other, this http://bit.ly/Singing_Tips
      program really helped me, also improved my confidence in public singing, this is the cheap and good one I found.

      • Jen

        Thank you so much Andrea for sharing this!!

        • Andrea

          🙂 anytime and all the best ?

        • Saif

          If you are looking for free stuffs, there r plenty of resources in youtube as well

          • Jen


      • Nelson


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    • Saif

      If you are looking for free stuffs, there r plenty of resources in youtube

  • Nabuka Paul

    hello am paul from uganda and am singer but what can i do to improve on my vocal.sometimes i go and sing in the forest at a high voice

    • Salma

      Try this http://tinyurl.com/lz592rd program mate, got a good review for this ?

      • Jen

        Wow!! Superb article..

        • Salma

          ? u should have replied to the main comments sections though ?

      • Angel


    • Andrea

      There are many things you could do to improve your vocal, there is this Free eBook I got it from a website which really helped me to understand not only about how to improve the vocal but also many other things, like Vocal cords and the breathing system, Voice types , Avoiding local cord damage, physical aspects of singing, Emotions, etc . I would recommend you to check out this site
      hope this helps..

  • Parry Sanan

    Can I person train his vocal properly on guitar n singing any type of songs n making his/her melodious ??

  • Paul

    Very helpful tips, I found this superior singing method product http://bit.ly/SuperiorSingingM in a online review forum, has anyone tried, going to buy..any final thoughts ?

    • Salma

      yep, its a good program, I was also skeptical at first cos I tried many online training programs and spent so much money and gave up all eventually, nothing really worked for me, I am also an introvert so you can imagine :). one day a friend of mine who is also a singer suggested this program, since I know how well he sing I thought, now what let me give it a try, so Yes, I bought the program, and I am glad I did, it not only improved my singing voice, it actually improved my confidence in singing 🙂 so go for it..

      • Paul

        Thank you so much 🙂

  • splendour ighorodje

    Thanks Cari. This was helpful. I think using pictures will help students get the tricks faster.

  • mango124

    Hi there, I have a question about singing placement.
    My vocal teacher strongly encourages me to sing in low register, saying that is where most commercial songs are ‘located’ and from where shout occurs. However, I feel that once I get to C5, I naturally mix and can actually better control my vocals and do a better job of lifting my soft palette, which is, admittedly, more difficult to do in low while going to a higher pitch. So the question is, is it better to avoid mixing and sing in LR as much as possible?

  • Harshit Jain

    Terrific read Cari! Just like all your articles this one is also out of this world. Thanks for sharing your secrets with us. I will surely put them to use and let you know how it goes 🙂

  • Neacsa Matei

    wanna improve your voice??This helped me a lot http://neacsa.how2sing.hop.clickbank.net

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    Thx. Ill soon be an international singer!

  • ariana likanhik

    Wish you very long life!

  • Madalina Tudoran

    I have a concert again in years after 3 children.
    This is gold.
    I was taught this way.
    How refreshing.

  • Amor

    Wow. I tried d chest up aahhh……. I saw d difference. I definitely am gonna keep trying that. Tnx for d great piece.

  • Dark dragon master

    I just need this for Smule Singing app xD I hope my voice gets better after this

  • Suzan

    I want to be a singer and this is my dream. i can sing but my voice is really bad and my voice is not good for singing. how can i have great voice like Ariana Grande?! Can i have a Laryngeal surgery? please help me, thanks

  • Cynthia Wanza

    Wow! Am loving this article, and am sure it’s gonna be of help to me.

  • iwuoha chidinma

    i just want to be a great at singing… help me pls

  • eliforpym


    Your “Instant Vocal Fix” trick looks like a good thing to practice. I really couldn’t utter the vowel U, without closing my jaws but I think I get the point that all vowels must get equal emphasis.

    Here’s one tip, I can add to your list. (this one is for singers)

    When singing, sing along with a drone instrument. For instance, a drone instrument called Tanpura is used in Indian classical music to help singers stay in perfect tune while singing.

    The tanpura sound is rich in overtones and as per claims which i think is true, no other acoustic instrument is capable of producing this wide a range of frequencies.

    A classical Indian singer is not supposed to be signing without the Tanpura drone running in the background. Of late, I have seen it used by many western Jazz artists.

    Here’s an online tanpura, I use in my vocals practice.
    Just select your scale and sing along to see if it helps.

  • Samuel Das

    Hey everyone I posted an original project last year and the feed back which I got was amazing thank you for all your support
    I have come up with a cover this year on “stone cold by Demi lovato ”
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  • Samuel Das

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