7 Vocal Methods (and Magic Tricks) to Make Your Voice Rule the World

Mar 13, 2018

  By Cari Cole As one of the top celebrity vocal coaches in the world I’ve seen it all. From stars to rock legends and Grammy winners to tens of thousands of emerging independents, one thing is true. You don’t have to have the best voice in the world, but you do have to have a good one. And one that won’t quit ... Continue

6 Ways to Instantly Elevate Your Music Brand

Mar 06, 2018

  By Cari Cole Let me break it down for you...  How you look + how you speak + how you act = Your Personal Brand. Now... Multiply that by how you sound + what you write about + the experience you give your audience = Your Music Artist Brand. Got it? A brand is not just how something looks. It’s how it ... Continue

8 Steps to Perfecting Your Artistry and Raising the Bar on Your Music

Feb 27, 2018

  By Cari Cole The days are pretty much gone when a record label is gonna swoop you up and develop you. Leaving the artist development process to the artist. So how does one tackle this and do it well on their own? Here is a glimpse into the process we’ve used and evolved over the years, and continue to use ... Continue

Going Pro: 6 Essential Steps of Artist Development for All Musicians

Feb 20, 2018

    by Cari Cole Transitioning into doing music full time and going pro can be a daunting proposition. You’ve got the vision, you know you’d crush it given the chance, but how do you make it happen? Because one thing is for sure ----

“Being a musician is never going to go away. So, you might as well do it well now, ... Continue

3 Secrets to Make Your Fans Obsessed with Your Music

Feb 13, 2018

  By Cari Cole As a musician today, you really are pure potential. Everybody has pretty much the same shot. And as an artist, you are THE most important thing that makes this industry tick. Without you, there IS no music. There is nothing standing in your way right? --- except yourself. Last Spring I was in the office of a Sr ... Continue

Musicians: Top 7 Tips For How to Build a Strong Daily Practice

Feb 06, 2018

  By Cari Cole The great thing about being a musician is that no matter where you are in your career, you could always be better. You can always up your game. If you’ve plateaued a bit and want to hit refresh, wouldn’t it be cool take it to a whole ‘nother level? Why not! It could be the very thing that ... Continue

Are You Skipping Steps with Your Music?

Jan 30, 2018

  by Cari Cole Everyone’s path as a musician is different. Some musicians go to school to become trained musicians, some are self-taught. Some musicians rise up playing local venues, some come about their success being DJ’s or songwriters. Many work hard their whole lives to build it. You can’t plan how your success will come, but you can improve your chances ... Continue

Are Musicians on Tour Missing Out on Other Opportunities to Build Their Careers?

Jan 23, 2018

By Cari Cole Every musician loves to tour. Live performance, thousands of people, connecting with fans. It’s exciting. Pretty much, nothing is better than that. But when you’re touring, it’s hard to get any other business done. Between flights, soundchecks, radio shows or promotional appearances, the tour takes pretty much all of your time. Friends, family and colleagues get used to ... Continue

CCVM’s Best New Artist Scholarship Winner List & Scholarship Awards For Jan 2018

Jan 18, 2018

  OMG, I’m so blown away at the talent on the Best New Artist scholarship! Major praise to the incredible voices, songs and performances. You ALL have blown our minds. Wow! We made our selections mostly based on artistry/craft and who could use the program the most, as well as the efforts to gain likes which shows your marketing ingenuity. Major praise goes ... Continue

7 Ways to Build to an Unstoppable Music Strategy in 2018

Jan 16, 2018

    By Cari Cole We recently had an off-the-hook free training about building an unstoppable music strategy for the new year. Mama spilled the beans on her success and thousands of artists success and how you can move the needle on yours.  Within every musician is a path to prosperity, success and achievement. But will it be realized? Why do some people ... Continue