Singers: 10 Tips for Staying Healthy During Cold & Flu Season

Dec 12, 2017

By Cari Cole Nothing puts a singer out of work faster than a respiratory illness. That’s it chica. You are down for the count! And nothing is more embarrassing than having to cancel your concert or apologize for you voice being sick. Ugh.

Here's my 10 Tips for Staying Healthy During Cold & Flu Season, avoiding the dreaded cold or flu in the first place!


1. Wear ... Continue

6 Techniques & Tricks to Sing With More Emotion and Confidence

Dec 05, 2017

By Cari Cole A singer is always juggling two balls in the air. One is technique, and one is emotion. When you focus too much on technique, the emotion suffers. When you focus too much on emotion, technique falls flat. The goal is balance, but how? I have found over 3 decades of coaching some of the world’s greatest voices, ... Continue

Cari Cole Voice & Music’s HOLIDAY SUPER SALE

  Hi incredible artists!! Are you READY FOR 2018??!!!!! While some people think that artists are born, not made – we know that's not the case! All artists need developing, guidance, support and HELP! And we've got the tools and techniques ready to take your music brand to a whole new level in 2018!!!  Whether you’re looking to uplevel your craft, find your artist persona, reinvent your mindset ... Continue

Your Musician Masterplan for 2018

Nov 28, 2017

  By Cari Cole Before the holidays take hold and the next 6 weeks becomes a blur, take a few moments to spend some time planning out your 2018. One of the things I am always teaching artists in my Artist Success Circle Mastermind, is how to plan. The keys to setting goals and putting your dreams into action through strategic action ... Continue

Female Musicians: How to Navigate Your Career, Ditch Pervy Men and Outfox the Industry

Nov 21, 2017

by Cari Cole We all know the director’s couch syndrome. The term casting couch originated in the motion picture industry, with specific reference to couches in offices that could be used for sexual activity between casting directors or film producers and aspiring actors. The recent Weinstein scandal brought it front and center. The response of woman (and men) speaking up is resounding. There ... Continue

Stop Letting Socials Steal Your Time and Get Back to Making Music

Nov 14, 2017

By Cari Cole You know when you log onto social media to post about your music or catch up on friends posts, and suddenly an hour (or two) of time goes missing? Yeah. That. Well, you were basically sucked up into alternate universe, and that one post turned into hours -- and kind of hours that were lost. You weren’t ... Continue

CCVM’s Your Exceptional Record Contest Winner List & Scholarship Awards 2017

    Blown away and deeply inspired. That’s how I feel right now after reviewing the 2017 Your Exceptional Record Contest entries. Thank you for submitting your precious song babies!! One of the things that moved me the most was how hard all of you work on your music 24/7. Thank you. We’ve watched over three dozen entries! And I gotta say, it was really tough to choose ... Continue

Planning Your Next Record Project

Nov 07, 2017

By Cari Cole Whether you have some cash or are on a budget, money is not really what’s holding you back from recording. But planning might be. Because the truth is, as long as you plan for it, you can achieve it. This is true for anything you really want. The key is in the planning. You can stretch out recording ... Continue

Top 8 Tips to Make An Exceptional Record

Oct 24, 2017

  By Cari Cole Record making is an art, a science, a process, an alchemical experience. It should not be thrown together, recorded in a rush, and your vocals should not be recorded all in one day. It won’t help. Even more, the song selection is critical to the success of the record. Whatever you think you can hide in production, ... Continue