Is DIY a Losing Proposition for Independent Music Artists?

Sep 29, 2015

by Cari Cole DIY was a powerful concept to get us through the transition as the music business fell apart. The good news is that as it morphed, what emerged was a more powerful medium for independents. It allowed artists to literally release music independently, on their own without label support. It also gave artists much needed artistic freedom and control ... Continue

No Fans? No Problem! How to Build Your Brand + Your Audience Base from Scratch…

Sep 22, 2015

by Cari Cole

1. Speak Your Message

It’s not enough to shout out about your music, matter of fact, when you do, be sure to also talk about your message. Chances are your songs are about surviving, empowerment, or heartache, overcoming difficulties or disappointment, or are full of inspiration. Maybe they are about being a minority, being gay, being different, misunderstood? Maybe ... Continue

5 Tips to Finding Your Music Biz Lane & Driving It All the Way Home

Sep 09, 2015

by Cari Cole I believe that every artist on the planet has a destiny. A place where they belong - a lane, so to speak, one that is undeniably yours. And it’s not just my belief, it’s what I’ve witnessed over 30 years of coaching artists and watching their paths unfold. Success for each artist happens differently and often in the ... Continue

Cover Me! How The Songs You Cover On YouTube Can Make Or Break Your B(r)and

Aug 11, 2015

by Cari Cole    

Covers are all the rage, but how do you choose the right covers for your b(r)and? What covers will bring views and create leverage? And what covers could do some damage, even sink you, or worse get NO views.

We all know how important “numbers” on social media are. While you can’t make people watch, ... Continue

The Music Biz Rollercoaster: 10 Fallouts To Filter And Recover From

Jul 28, 2015

by Cari Cole    

The music business is a roller coaster ride. Depending how long you’ve been on the ride, there are aftershocks, tremors, fallouts and side effects that reverberate for weeks, months or even years. Sometimes these side effects change your course for the worse. It’s time to get you back in control!

1. Anxiety