How to Live Up to Your Vocal Potential in 2019

Dec 04, 2018

  By Cari Cole People, and most often –other musicians, sometimes poke fun at singers for being protective (or fussy) about their voices. Okay, then — go on. You get up and sing without making a fool of yourself. Ha. Singing is demanding. It’s not an instrument you can press down on a key or a fret, and the same note comes out ... Continue

Top Vocal Hacks: Food and Hydration to Supercharge Your Singing Voice

Nov 27, 2018

By Cari Cole Food and nutrition are fuel. When you feed your body the right nutrition and foods, your voice feels effortless. When you feed it the wrong foods, your voice peters out. One of my artists who was on The Voice a few seasons back shot me an email asking about what is the right food to eat prior to performing. ... Continue

Are YOUR Vocals Studio Ready? How To Record Like The Pros

Nov 20, 2018

By Cari Cole In your head, your voice may sound magnificent, but in reality is it … meh? Truth is, it takes a LOT to be ready to record and you don’t want to leave any stone unturned. Believe me, it won’t pan out well. Great vocals require great effort before you hit the studio. But how do you know when ... Continue

How To Fall Madly In Love With Your Music

Nov 13, 2018

By Cari Cole The relationship between you, the artist, and your music is not necessarily an easy one. Just because you can write your own songs doesn’t mean you love how they turn out. Sounds weird huh? But it’s true. It takes a while of writing songs before they start coming out the way you hear them in your head. You have ... Continue

7 Step Guide to Creating Your Signature Sound for 2019

Nov 06, 2018

By Cari Cole As a singer-songwriter, defining your “sound” and “style” is essential to your success.  Not doing so could cost you your career. Often, young singers tell me they have trouble choosing a genre when they like to sing different kinds of music – and emerging artists can easily miss nailing the sound that could take them all the way ... Continue

CCVM Best New Song Scholarship & Winner List

Oct 31, 2018

OMG, I’m so blown away at the talent on the Best New Song scholarship! Major praise to the incredible voices, songs and performances. You ALL have blown our minds. Wow! We made our selections mostly based on artistry/craft and who could use the program the most, as well as the efforts to gain likes which shows your marketing ingenuity. Major praise goes ... Continue

Songwriting Shop Talk: Writing Songs That Will Get You Discovered

Oct 23, 2018

  By Cari Cole Yeah, right. If everyone had their finger on how to write songs that will get you discovered, everyone would be a songwriting rock star. However, there is a lot that you can do to tip the scales in your favor, and I’m going to do my best to lay it out for you not from theory, but from ... Continue

5 Hacks to Better Songwriting: Avoid the Cliché and Find Your True Voice

Oct 16, 2018

By Cari Cole Writing fresh, original lyrics is a challenge for every songwriter. You must say something very specific to be universal, but sometimes all the words coming out just sound like things you’ve heard before. And even more, an artist needs a signature song to cut through and stand out above the noise. What’s a signature song? A song that ... Continue