Indie Musicians: Why It’s So Hard to Find Your Signature Sound

Mar 14, 2017

By Cari Cole   Seems like such an easy thing. Just be you. We hear it every day -- but how? Especially when you’re struggling to become you (you haven’t had a lot of life lived yet), or you’re reinventing yourself from tough times, or from a period of time where the fountain of creativity just kind of stopped. Or maybe you’re ... Continue

The Fastest Way to Grow Your Music in the World

Mar 07, 2017

    By Cari Cole    

The fastest (or rather surest) way to grow your music in the world is not a marketing trick. It’s not about spending a boatload of dollars on Facebook Ads or plugging a boatload of cash into a publicist or a radio campaign. It’s not about meeting with Spotify playlist curators --- although all of those things can ... Continue

Music Shop Talk: Great Things Take Time

Feb 28, 2017

    By Cari Cole  

I once interviewed Diane Birch (one of my beloved students) after the release of her album Bible Belt when she suddenly shot up into the public eye. It was amazing to watch it happen. We started working together during the recording of Bible Belt and when you’re making a record you just don’t know how it’s going ... Continue

CCVM’s Best New Artist Songwriting Contest Winner List & Scholarship Awards 2017

Feb 23, 2017

  Blown away and deeply inspired. That’s how I feel right now after reviewing the 2017 Best New Artist Songwriting Contest entries. Thank you for submitting your precious song babies!! One of the things that moved me the most was how hard all of you work on your music 24/7. Thank you. We’ve watched over 144 entries — that’s over 12 hours of content. And I gotta ... Continue

Want to Make Your Fans Obsessed With Your Music?

Jan 31, 2017

    By Cari Cole    

You’ve been trying to grow your following for a while now, and despite being on every platform known to man (Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. YouTube. Periscope. Snapchat—and the list goes on), you can’t seem to make any significant headway.

Not to mention, no one like a manager or serious booking agent has taken any interest either.

It must ... Continue

Songwriting Shop Talk: A Song Has 15 Seconds To Impact and Impress

Jan 23, 2017

    By Cari Cole    

People ask me all of the time, “what’s the most important thing in knocking down those doors or making your career rock? There’s so many things to focus on, what’s the most important?

Is it social media? A strong live show? A great brand? A great album? Do you need an album?

Well, ya kind of need ... Continue

Music Shop Talk: A 52 Week Plan to Make 2017 the Year That Matters

Jan 17, 2017

  By Cari Cole    

The toughest part of being a musician is staying faithful. To carve away the hours for vocal practice, shedding your scales, songwriting, rehearsal, recording. The enormous outlay of cash for your singles, your EP or album. The hard times when life pulls you in the other direction and everything gets put on hold. Whether it’s taking care ... Continue