The Three Day Rule: Performance Prep For Singers

Mar 06, 2012 | 28 Comments


by Cari Cole

The Three Day Rule is a magic formula of performance prep tips I’ve used with my private clients over the past 3 decades of coaching professionals in New York City. It’s a list of tips for exactly what you need to do and stay away from for three days before a show to make sure you’re doing everything ... Continue

Fuel Your Singing Voice With The Right Nutrition

Feb 28, 2012 | 15 Comments



Food and nutrition are fuel. When you feed your body the right nutrition and foods, your voice feels effortless. When you feed it the wrong foods, your voice peters out.

One of my artists who is on The Voice this season shot me an email last week asking about what is the right food to eat prior to performance. I wanted ... Continue

Epidemic In The Music Industry

Nov 08, 2011 | 6 Comments

by Cari Cole


There’s an epidemic in the music industry right now. Three major stars are all having throat surgery within weeks of each other. Adele had surgery last Thursday to stop a vocal hemorrhage – a recurring problem for her that finally cancelled her world tour. Keith Urban just announced he will undergo throat surgery to remove a polyp ... Continue

SORE THROATS ~ The Various Causes And Remedies

Apr 01, 2010

by Cari Cole



There can be so many reasons for a sore throat that sometimes it’s hard to tell what exactly brought it on. Here are some of the causes:

The most commonly known cause of a sore throat is a viral or bacterial infection. This is usually accompanied by yellow or green mucous. Another viral infection is laryngitis.

Here are some of ... Continue

Vocal Tip! You Are A Wind Instrument

Feb 10, 2010

by Cari Cole



Did you know your voice is a wind instrument inside your body?

Using air and muscles, sound is produced by bringing air to the vocal cords which vibrates the vocal folds and the sound rings in the resonating cavities of the chest, mouth, pharynx, nasal cavities and the head. In order to sing correctly, one has to breathe deeply ... Continue