For Musicians Everywhere, A Holiday Message of Support



By Cari Cole




No matter what anyone says, music is a gift — of the soul. Music reaches into the far recesses of our lives, our hearts, our imagination and breathes life into the crevices, the cracks, the fragments of our lives — and fills us with oxygen. A spiritual kind of oxygen — from the ether, perhaps from somewhere far, far away….

That’s why it’s especially important to know that not only is music a gift to you, but a gift that you give others. Songs save people. They save lives. They help someone struggling in the middle of the night wondering if they should keep on living. They help someone heal from a bad breakup or divorce. They help someone with cancer. They help an orphaned child with no parents have somewhere to go with their pain. They help an abused woman, feel a shred of hope that one day she will be strong enough to break free. They help the young LGBTQ boy who suffers daily abuse have the strength and courage to speak out. They comfort, soothe a sick person sitting in a hospital bed, or someone who’s alone with no family this holiday season.




This is life. This is real folks. Life on this planet is tough, and it’s getting tougher. It’s not that I want to bear bad news, I want to wake you up — to the call.  I want to inspire you to answer that  call you hear in your heart – that won’t let you sleep or rest until you’ve responded. The call to write that song every time your heart breaks from this world. The call that asks you to talk about that difficult thing you’d rather stuff away cause it’s so painful. The call that pushes you beyond your comfort zone that you say “if only the world were… I could write about that.. “ THAT. Wake you up to answer the call to make your art real, so it can touch people like yourself who need desperately to be touched. To enlighten those that need to wake up, to help those that so desperately need help —  to give yourself to your music this year, in a way, that perhaps you haven’t before. That speaks to those who suffer more than you do. That speaks to your own heart and all the things you’ve been wanting to say but have been keeping inside for another day. That day, is here. And the time is NOW.

While those of us in America (and the world) are on watch, we are AWAKE. Eyes open, hearts ripped open, willing to take the risk, to speak out, to reach out, to help, to preach, to fight the fight in front of us. And all over the world, it’s time to speak out for what we believe.

Are you willing to come forward in your own art? Come forward with your brave heart, your brave soul. Make the music of your life. I challenge you to a new you, a stronger, braver you on the crest of this big, bold, crazy, intense year ahead.

Know that I am forever and always standing with you my brave cubs, my brave artists. My life is devoted to you. You are a gift to me. Now go use your gift to become all that you are, all that you have been hiding away. And speak your truth, loud and proud.

Here’s my gift to you. Thank you for being a part of our incredibly rich community of artist worldwide!!! Enjoy! Let it enrich your very soul!!

Happy Holidays beautifuls!


I love you,

Mama Lion