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Artist Development Program (Product)

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This program is not purchase-able directly online. CLICK HERE and set up a phone consult to apply!


The Artist Development program is like having a team consisting of an A&R person (artist and repertoire), a music industry career coach, a songwriting coach, a performance coach, and a voice coach all working directly for you, dedicated to helping you fully realize your potential. This is an intensive program for those artists ready to build a strong foundation that will allow their careers to flourish. So, if you’re ready to do it, than hunker down with one of the industry’s most experienced artist development authorities.

Cari Cole has been on the front-lines with pop icons and emerging artists for decades. She’s seen firsthand what it takes to make it. Her Artist Development Program considers every facet of career success, including all aspects of vocal technique and maintenance, songcraft, performance presentation, developing a signature style, musicianship, branding, and navigating the music business landscape. This is a coveted opportunity to study privately with a seasoned industry vet, and many artists have built their careers and created a multitude of successes from this signature offering.

This 10-month journey includes bi-monthly one-on-one 60-minute artist development sessions, monthly 90-minute songwriting and demoing sessions, and two vocal arranging sessions. The artist development sessions cover vocal techniques, elements of artistic style, developing an artistic fingerprint, career coaching, styling tips, marketing insights, branding guidance, and co-writing sessions with Cari and her team of acclaimed songwriters. These sessions will help you grow into your innate vocal talents, develop swagger and business savvy, and become an artful songwriter with an undeniable message. The monthly 90-minute sessions are signature sound recording sessions, and they help you get the most out of your voice and musicianship in an intimate studio setting that deepens your experience, comfortability, and helps you nurture your signature sound. Also included in this deep dive are two vocal arranging sessions with Cari. Vocally arranging is a huge artistic asset, and every breakthrough record has instantly recognizable vocals most often produced by a secret weapon - the vocal arranger. Vocal arranging is the art of creating a dynamically expressive and artistically heightened vocal performance. Most producers don’t even know the secrets a vocal arranger knows, but you will after these sessions!


MONTHLY: Two 60-min Artist Development Sessions:

Transform your voice, craft and career with my exclusive Artist Development Sessions. Learn trade secrets used by record labels including Vocal Technique & Styling, A&R (Artist & Repetoire) Guidance, Songwriting Guidance, and co-writing sessions with Cari and our team of singwriters. Become an artful songwriter with an undeniable message.

MONTHLY: One 90-min Signature Sound Recording

Session: Once a month we record demos of your songs. Learn how to get the most out of your voice and musicianship in an intimate studio setting that deepends your experience, comfortability and your signature sound.

TWO Vocal Arranging Sessions: Every breakthrough record has instantly recognizable vocals most often produced by a secret weapon - the Vocal Arranger. Vocal arranging is the art of creating a vocal candensa that creates a vocal masterpiece. Most producers don’t even know the secrets a vocal arranger knows, but you will after these sessions! Includes 3 3-hour sessions of studio time.

The Artist Development Program is not purchase-able directly online. For more information, click Apply Now and you'll receive a link for a phone consult with our team to discuss the details and availability. We have a limited number of slots for this program per year. If this is something you'd like to get on the schedule, apply now.

COST: $10,000 for 10 months ($1000 per month split into 2 payments of $500 billed on the 1st and 15th of each month)

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