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Artist Development Program

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Build Your Voice, Hone Your Craft, Find Your Signature Sound, Go Pro

The Artist Development Program is a program for serious artists who are ready devote all of their focus and energy to the detailed process of finding their voice, deepening their craft, writing signature songs and seriously upleveling their performance + musicianship. This program covers all aspects of creating your most exceptional work yet and includes an intensive curriculum of master vocal + recording techniques, finding who you are as an artist and writing signature songs that brand you as an artist with Cari and her songwriting team. This is the core of A & R: the development process that helps artists dig, unearth themselves and fight to become more powerful artists and writers who not only gain attention but step fully into their artistry. Whether you are on your first record or your fifth, don’t wait to take this incredible journey into the core of your artistry. Six or twelve months of private intensive and comprehensive expert music industry guidance and instruction will build you into one of those artists who stands above the rest.


Comes with:

Two private monthly 60-min Artist Development Sessions with Cari: Master your voice, transform your craft and career and become the artist of your life ($5,900 value)

Two monthly 30-min Song Reviews with Cari ($4,500 value)

Every six months you get: One – 4 hour Vocal Arranging Sessions with Cari: Every breakthrough record has instantly recognizable vocals most often produced by a secret weapon – the Vocal Arranger. Hear your voice better than you ever imagined (while keeping your unique style and signature.) Matter of fact, it’s highly encouraged and fostered ($2,500 value)

Introductions and preferential access to our CCVM Songwriting Team: our vetted songwriters who are trained to write for artists and help them find their message and sound/style ($2,500 value)

This program is available by Skype or in person.


Comes With

Free Edition of my Singers Gift Vocal Warmups ($97 value).

Cari’s 38 Master Vocal Exercise System ($150 value).

Weekly Email Support + Song Review ($4,000 value)

Free Edition of Step Up to the Spotlight – Kickstart Artist Development Online Program ($797 value).

Free Edition of the Your Exceptional Record Course ( 12 month program only ~ $1600 value)

My Complete Vocal Technique Wellness & Resource Library ($1000 value).

Registration comes with immediate access to materials so you can get started right away!

Total: $25,000 value per 12 month program


Prices lower with longer programs.

6 Months: $8,155 / $1,675 due at registration. Payments of $540 billed on the 1st & 15th of each month.

12 Months: $15,300 / $3,060 due at registration. Payments of $510 billed on the 1st and 15th of each month.

For more information on where this program is right for you and to set up a quick phone consult:

Send an email to with “Artist Development Program” in the subject line letting us know you would like more info. We’ll get back to you within a week or two. Bear with us as we get a lot of requests. In the meanwhile you can help us get to know you better by filling out this Application here.



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