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Artist Success Circle

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The Artist Success Circle is a group of dedicated, like-minded, professional music artists who come together for 6 months in a mastermind style to gain serious momentum and leverage in their careers.

Artists are handpicked by Cari and Team Cole based on artistic promise and industry potential. This circle is only for artists who already have music out in the marketplace (or are about to release music.) It is for artists who are looking to master the music machine, polish up their music & brand, deepen their industry contacts, and get real 'white glove' professional guidance and strategy to speed up their success and build a successful career in music.  Artists who have followed this guidance have signed management, booking, licensing, and record deals ~ and created business momentum that have significantly leveraged their careers. 



  • 12 Artist Success Mastermind Sessions w/Cari (2 – 2 hour classes per month.)
  • 5 Artist Success Modules delivered monthly. 60 min trainings & worksheets
  • 1 Private Music & Brand Review Session w/ Cari Cole (VIP & Featured)
  • 1 Private Music Branding Review Session w/ Cari Cole (VIP & Featured)
  • 1 Private Music Business & Licensing Review Session w/ our CCVM Team Licensing Expert (VIP & Featured)
  • 1 Private Bio/ Story Review Session w/ our CCVM Team Music Copywriting Expert (VIP & Featured)
  • Artist Success Accountability Pods to help keep you on track.
  • 24/7 access to a private FB Page and Artist Community.


During this course, you will get crystal clear on your music + brand, and your career direction, strategy and plan ~ more than you ever have before. We’ll define your signature brand and message, significantly boost your brand & business, get you organized, eliminate overwhelm, work smarter not harder, build your music industry relationships and community and create a strategic plan for your career ~ one that will actually get you in the music business instead of on the outside looking in. We'll identify a clear plan based on where you fit in the music industry once and for all (because that’s where you will find the most success anyway!)

We’ll help you find your place in the music business, help you run your business better, and design a killer strategy to meet your music goals. All so you can land more firmly on the path you were meant to walk as an artist, gain serious industry attention, win awards and develop real business relationships with people who can help you grow your music business.

Time to get yourself in the biz? Let’s DO THIS!

Only professional artists, musicians, songwriters, producers and music creators are accepted into the Circle.

Artists are selected based on artistic merit and industry ready materials (record and promotional materials)



What’s a VIP Seat vs. Featured Seat vs. Viewer?

A VIP Seat means you get direction interaction, personalized coaching and guidance from Cari in the group sessions ~ PLUS 5 private 30-min sessions during the Circle. Only 4 seats available.

A Featured Seat means you get direct interaction, personalized coaching and guidance from Cari in the group sessions. Perfect for those who want to dig into their career and experience a high level of challenge and growth! Only 10 seats available.

A Viewer Seat means you get to attend the course for half price from a “viewer” perspective only. You can watch and interact via “chat,” but will not get your artistry reviewed by Cari. Perfect for those who are learning and want to watch but are not ready to get critiqued!



(Total cost over 6 months = $3,582.00)

PAYMENTS: Additional payments billed on the 1st and 15th of Month 1 – Month 5

REGISTRATION: $597 (for Month 1)



(Total cost over 6 months = $2,382.00)

PAYMENTS: Additional payments billed on the 1st and 15th of Month 1 – Month 5

REGISTRATION: $397 (for Month 1)



(Total cost over 6 months = $891.00)

PAYMENTS: Additional payments billed on the 1st and 15th of Month 1 – Month 5

REGISTRATION: $148.50 (for Month 1)


NOTE: CLASS IS CURRENTLY IN SESSION. Click here to get notified of the next run of the program.

Next run of ASC is coming up on March 11Click here for class calendar.

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