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Career Coaching And Mentorship Program

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The Career Coaching + Mentorship Program is a white glove, 1-on-1 private  experience for Recording Artists, Performers, Musicians, Composers, Music Producers, Vocal Coaches or Creative Music Entrepreneurs who are tired of doing it on your own and want the advantage of experience in the music industry. This Program offers laser-focused, high-level, professional innovative guidance on how to leverage + improve your brand, message, marketing, online presence, attract opportunities and increase your bottom line.

As a result of Mama Cari's highly focused mentorship and guidance, artists have signed deals, gotten film + TV placements, tripled their fanbase and income and made significant headway with their careers, including making the leap to doing music full time.

This program is for artists with music in the marketplace only.


Includes monthly:

• Four 60 min white glove private 1-on-1 laser focused coaching sessions with Cari.

• Unlimited email support during the program.

• Personalized referrals to Industry Resources, Opportunities and Connections.

• Full access to materials from Cari's popular programs: Fast Forward Program + Blueprint, Step Up to the Spotlight and Your Exceptional Record ($5000 value).

Registration comes with immediate access to materials so you can get started right away!


Prices lower with longer programs.

The Career Coaching & Mentorship program is only available in 6 or 12 month packages.

6 Months: $9,000 / $1,800 due at registration. Payments of $600 billed on the 1st & 15th of each month.

12 Months: $16,000 / $3,400 due at registration. Payments of $525 billed on the 1st and 15th of each month.

To Get Started:

1. All private programs with Mama Cari start with a Cole Power Hour. For more info or to book a Cole Power Hour click here.  

2. Fill out this quick Work With Cari 1-on-1 Application here.

For more information, email us at or click here to set up a quick "no pressure" phone consult with Team Cole click here. 

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Eli Lev

“ Two years ago, I launched into the unknown territory of becoming a full-time original musician. Cari helped me jump-start that dream, and within the first year I was supporting myself through m…

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Tamar Haviv

"Cari Cole took my album seriously, possibly more so than I did. Upon first listen (during the pre-mixing stage) she saw its strengths & encouraged me to treat it as if it would be played alongside…

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Praise for Cari Cole

Robyn Cage

Just wanted to thank you for everything you've taught me. Over the course of the past year, I feel that I've not only grown exponentially as an artist and a singer, but also as a human being. Not l…

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