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Vocal Arranging with Cari Cole

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Your #1 Secret Weapon to Killer Vocals On Your Next Record 


What Does A Vocal Arranger Do?

A vocal arranger decides how the artist will sing a song. It might be a line that the arranger thinks sounds better if the singer uses a vibrato in their voice, or a wavery tone rather than straight (or vice versa.) Maybe the note should be sung an octave higher, or add a breathy tone to the words. She may say “Hey, add a riff right there, or an ooohh aahhh.”


Why Use A Vocal Arranger?

Most breakthrough top-shelf albums use vocal arrangers as a secret weapon to ensure that the vocal packs that extra punch. Why spend all your money on the music but not on the vocals when they are the most important feature on your record?

“This Is Making My Producer Nervous” – How Does This Work?

That’s common because usually only top shelf producers for the most part are familiar with vocal arrangers (only because smaller budgets can’t afford them – but I’m out to change that!) Once producers understand an arranger will work alongside them and will only add to the success of the project – they are relieved and excited.

Will Hiring An Arranger Make Me Sound More Generic?

On the contrary. A good arranger (like myself) will bring out your signature sound and not make you sound like another singer.


None of my artists sound like each other, they all have their own unique identifiable sound. Vocal arranging will make you sound like a much better version of YOU.


Watch indie artist Robyn Cage talk about how hiring Cari as a vocal arranger brought emotional magic to her song Burning Now.



After watching the video above, check out the official video of “Burning Now” to listen to Cari’s Vocal Arrangement.



Want to hire Cari for your next record project? Inquire Here

Cari does Vocal Arrangements within a 1 hour session via Skype or Zoom video. She also goes into the studio with artists to record their albums. Inquire above for more information.


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