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Vocal Freedom Circle

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  • 12 Vocal Freedom Training Classes w/Cari (2-90 m classes per month for 6 months)
  • The Singers Gift Warmups: 17 Exercises & 2 Instructional Ebooks (digital format)
  • Cari’s Master Voice Building Exercises: 38 voice building techniques that build tone, range, endurance and true vocal power (digital format.)
  • Cari’s Vocal Health Resource Library: Cari’s 30+ Years of Research
  • Accountability Practice Log to track your practice during the course
  • Accountability Pods to keep you on track and build community!
  • A private FB Page and Artist Community 24/7

In class you will learn a Complete Vocal Technique System including warmups, cool downs, voice building and fundamental exercises designed to open up your voice and strengthen your instrument. Cari takes a lifetime of coaching Grammy winners and tens of thousands of voices to show you exactly how to free your voice in 6 months. She will demonstrate vocal techniques for her acclaimed Singers Gift Vocal Warmups as well as her Master Voice Building System for the first time outside of her private clientele.

Alongside vocal technique, Cari will walk through her trade secrets of vocal health and wellness and provide solutions for how to keep your voice healthy and free of vocal problems to sing with more ease and confidence. Cari has been a vocal health expert over the past 30 years, helping singers to recover their voices naturally and keep them healthy on and off tour. Many artists have come to Cari to heal their voices when other solutions have failed.  A full explanation and understanding of diaphragmatic breathing and how to use the diaphragm effectively will be presented, Plus a complete reveal of vocal trade secrets in recording, styling and performance, to instantly make your voice sound better.

As one of the top vocal arrangers in the world, Cari will also teach all of her award winning recording techniques, including special microphone techniques and vocal arranging techniques, styling, phrasing and special tricks and techniques to get more out of your voice during recording sessions. Learn her amazing array of vocal arranging techniques to instantly make you sound better in performance and on recordings. This is extremely important when singing your own material. Since no other voice has interpreted your original song, there is often a lot of vocal opportunities left on the table that can make significant improvements with just a few tweaks. Cari has worked on some of the biggest records in music and no matter where you are with your voice, you will learn how to instantaneously sound better just from these techniques alone.



What’s a VIP Seat vs. Featured Seat vs. a Viewer Seat?

A VIP Seat means you get direction interaction, personalized coaching and guidance from Cari in the group sessions PLUS 6 private 30 min sessions (1 per month) during the Circle. Only 4 seats available.

A Featured Seat means you get direct interaction, personalized coaching and critiques from Cari in the group sessions. Perfect for those who want to dig into their vocals and are experience a high level of challenge and growth in their singing! Limited spots available.

A Viewer Seat means you get to attend the course for half price from a “viewer” perspective only. You can watch and interact via “chat”, but will not get your voice reviewed by Cari. Perfect for those who are “learning” and want to watch but are not ready to get critiqued!


COST FOR VIP SEAT:  $497 per month for 6 months

(Total cost over 6 months = $2,982.00)

Payments are broken down into 2 payments of $248.50 billed on the 1st and 15th of the month starting on Month 2

REGISTRATION: $497 (for Month 1)


COST FOR FEATURED SEAT : $297 per month for 6 months

(Total cost over 6 months = $1,782.00)

Payments are broken down into 2 payments of $148.50 billed on the 1st and 15th of the month starting  Month 2

REGISTRATION: $297 (for Month 1)


COST FOR VIEWER SEAT: $148.50 per month for 6 months

(Total cost over 6 months = $891.00)

Payments are broken down into 2 payments of  $74.25 monthly billed on the 1st & 15th of the month starting Month 2

REGISTRATION: $148.50 (for Month 1)
For any questions or to discuss whether this Circle is right for you, please reach out to Team Cole at with “Vocal Freedom Circle” in the subject line.

Visit our Events page for a list of class dates here.


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