How to Stand Out, Get Noticed, Gain Placements, Win Awards and Be A Brand Fans Want to Follow

Hi! Cari Cole here. Celeb Vocal Coach, Artist Development Expert + New Music Business Mentor.

Have you gotten the traction for your record that you had hoped for?

Are you proud of your album, but disappointed that you still have 1,000 of them sitting in your basement?

Or are you just plain frustrated at how to make a dent in the marketplace and gain recognition as well as fans and followers?

What if you got an inside, intimate view into how breakthrough records are made?

What if you got a front row seat to glean the latest up-to-date wisdom from Grammy winning producers and engineers and talk to them “live”?

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Wouldn’t you like to know what stands between you and your breakthrough record once and for all?

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you don’t have the exceptional, artistically distinctive, broadcast quality, pro record that will gain serious traction with fans and industry. Not yet anyway ;).

Newsflash: You absolutely NEED one.

I am inviting you to a free teleclass I’m hosting on what independent artists absolutely need to know about creating a record that will actually go the distance – one that could actually – breakthrough.

In this teleclass, I’m going to walk you through the 8 steps to releasing a breakthrough record.

You will learn how to:

  • Ensure that you don’t waste time or money putting out a record that won’t go the distance.
  • Secrets that music industry professionals use to make their albums sound amazing.
  • How to choose the right songs, songs that will make fans want to follow you.
  • The #1 mistake most artists make when choosing songs for their record.
  • Reveal the mistakes that independent artists make that keep them from getting licensing opportunities.
  • Reveal the #1 mistake made with most vocals that is a super easy fix.
  • How to make a world class record – one that will win awards, get placements and create a brand people want to follow.

This is the information that people who put out successful records know that the most independent artists don’t. I want to share it with you because I want YOU to be on an equal playing field with the big-timers. At the end of the call, I’m going to talk about an opportunity to join me and a group of artists to put together the plan for your exceptional record.

If you still don’t have your signature record, a record that you don’t have to make a single excuse for, and you want to up your game – you don’t want to miss this.

Big Love,

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