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A Course in Creating Your Breakthrough Release

Are you an independent artist looking to create your breakthrough record?

A record that will win awards, get attention from the press and industry,
gain placements and get adoration from your fans?

Are you overwhelmed about the prospect or want to know exactly
how to make sure that you don’t miss your mark?

You know I love independent artists with my heart and soul, but I’m not gonna lie, the ease of making a record these days has led to a lot of mediocre music being put out into the marketplace. With independent artists being left to their own devices, it’s no wonder that some of the really important details of making a great record fall through the cracks. Major labels have teams of experts working on the stuff, so how can you compete?

With the right knowledge, I know you can.

My team and I have been working hard behind the scenes to solve this dilemma in the world of independent music and really help you tip the scales on your own…

Drum roll…

Announcing Your Exceptional Record Course!

Your Exceptional Record Course is a semi-private 4 month program covering everything you need to know about how to create + release YOUR record of “exceptional work” that will turn heads, win awards, get placements and create real tangible results in your music career. Artists who have followed my mentorship during the making of their records have achieved all of the above as well as signed recording contracts and management deals as a direct result of this guidance.

During this program, you, I and a group of other select artists will get crystal clear on your music + artistic direction, more than you ever have before. We’ll find your signature style, your best songs, further define your genre, who you are and where you fit in the record business. Over four months we will identify your vocal strengths, (and steer you away from your weak points), hone in on your best songs + signature, and clearly define your lane. We’ll help you find the right producer, teach you how to get the best out of your current producer, and plan an appropriate release strategy for your goals. All so you can land more firmly on the path you were meant to walk as an artist. This is about creating your masterpiece, your exceptional work of art, and emerging with a record that truly goes the distance in your career. Whether you are just recording your first record or are on your 3rd or 4th, this course is for you…

I’ve condensed everything I know about making an exceptional record into this program (mine was on the Grammy Ballots, won several awards for songwriting, production, mixing, mastering etc. and sold over 30,000 copies.) I want you to feel confident that the record you are about to make will too. I’m also keeping this program small – 24 people maximum. Each person will get several sessions on-camera with me to make sure we personalize your plan and you get individual guidance from me.


You will learn how to:


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What You Get:

8 Exceptional Record Training Classes (2/month, 90 min)

The Keys to Great A & R (Artist & Repertoire):
The System Behind Finding your Musical Direction and Claiming your Unique Space.

Choosing Your Best Songs:
Make Every Track Stand on it’s own while Supporting the Bigger Concept of your Brand + Message.

Finding the Right Producer + Musicians:
Build a Team that Supports your Vision and Enhances your Sound.

Digging into Your Sound + Story:
Exploring and Discovering your Signature Sound and distinctive Production.

Your Sure-Fire 24 Week Recording Plan:
The Preparation and Execution of Professional Records – It’s All in the Details.

Tracking Vocals Like a Pro:
Learn to Avoid the Common Vocal Mistakes Not to Make on Your Record.

The Mixing + Mastering Process:
How to Get the Most Out of Your Engineer.

Taking Your Release to the World the Smart Way:
including Branding + Copywriting Essentials: Bio, Elevator Pitch + Press Release.



FREE OF CHARGE, my 52 Week Artist Development Plan

From STEP UP TO THE SPOTLIGHT – Kick start Artist Development Online Program: Watch the video here:


FREE Bonus Edition of my Singers Gift Vocal Warmups

Includes 17 Vocal Warmups with Cool Downs, The Singers Gift Instructional Guide, & The Ultimate Performer Tools & Techniques Guidebook. Also included are my exclusive Master Voice Building System 50m Audio & Sheet music.


Private Facebook Group Page + Accountability Partner

Connect with your classmates 24/7 in a Private Facebook Group. Ask the group for feedback, share your struggles + successes and get support from a community of like-minded artists. You’ll be paired with a group member to keep one another on track with weekly check-ins and goal setting. Accountability is key to your success!

1 Private 45 min. Assessment Session with Cari

In your private Assessment Session, during a Skype or phone session, Cari will review your music and help develop a signature sound for your record, provide you with referrals and resources for your production team, and address any elements that need more attention before you record – including vocal adjustments as needed.

2 Group Coaching Calls

During our two live Group Coaching Calls we’ll take the content from class and apply it to your individual questions. This will be a chance to work with Cari directly and get personalized feedback and guidance, and learn from the rest of the group.

My Complete Vocal Technique Wellness & Resource Library

When you sign up for this program, you get my complete body of research of over 24+ years in the latest vocal breakthroughs and techniques—AND a ton of information and articles about how to keep your voice healthy, prevent injury and be free from strain!


Class is in session.

To be notified when the next session will be starting, fill out the form below.


Here are some of the questions we frequently get asked about the Your Exceptional Record Course. It isn’t right for everyone so we want to help you make the right decision for you.

“Who is this program for?”

Your Exceptional Record is a perfect fit for emerging or independent artists who are planning on recording an album within the next 2 years. You will learn all the steps needed to make a breakthrough record and get individual artistic direction feedback from Cari. No matter what level you’re at – if this is your first record, or fourth, the course will lead you to creating a better product artistically and commercially than you could on your own.

“How is the program delivered? Do I have to be in New York?”

No! You can be anywhere in the world and take Your Exceptional Record Course.

The program is hosted via Google Hangout and you are notified of the private link to the class via email. Your private session will be arranged through Skype and the group Q&As will happen via teleseminar. It’s all a lot easier than it sounds – you just need a reliable internet connection.

“What if I can’t keep up with the program delivery schedule? And, I’m traveling for the next few months. Can I do it at my own pace?”

Classes are twice a month and live and spaced out to give you ample time to keep up with the course. You will always receive recordings of the calls that you can reference forever. It’s recommended that you be able to involve yourself fully into the course so you can get the most out of having live access to Cari, but again, the information is yours to keep whether you’re caught up or not!

“What if I live outside the United States? Can I still take this program?”

Yes you can! The program content is 100% digital. That means all you need is a computer and or a phone. The entire program is available online or downloadable to your computer and viewable on your laptop, iPad or iPhone. Classes meet via a private Google Hangout.

“I’m so busy already, how much time do I need to do the program effectively?”

Actual classes are 90 minutes long, twice a month, and you’ll have optional assignments and worksheets to go along with them. If you’re just going through the materials, then that’s all the time it will take (plus the 2 group calls and 1 private session over the 4 months). If you are really engaging and working your craft, vision, and branding during the program – you’ll be spending more time. Ideally, you’re putting in at least 3-4 hours per week working on the plan for your record during this course.

“Will it work for me? I’ve joined other programs before and I’m still in the exactly the same place as before. How is this different?”

No program works unless YOU work it and YOU get value out of it. If you’re expecting Your Exceptional Record, or anything else, to magically solve your problems or make you money, please do not sign-up. This is not some “make me famous” program. Plus, we really CARE that you get results and you’ll do that by working the materials.

“Do I get access to the entire Your Exceptional Record Course all at once?”

No. The Your Exceptional Record Curriculum is built around a live class system in order to give group-specific feedback. You’ll be getting the latest information straight from Cari and the recordings and worksheets are yours to keep.

Planning a record takes time. We recommend using these 4 months to really delve into your songs, your vision, and to create your plan – there’s no point in rushing it!

“What if I’m more advanced and already have my music out there – will this work for me?”

Yes. Creating an exceptional record is the next step in your career. Even if you’ve gotten some attention from a record you’ve put out in the past – you know you can go further. Use this program as a chance to make sure you get better with each release, and keep innovating and challenging yourself as a music artist.

“What if I’m not ready now, when will you be offering Step Up again?”

If you want to do this program, do it now. Think about it. There’s never a time in life when you’re ever truly “ready” to do anything. You will always be busy and always doubt your “readiness.” If you’re making a record in the next 2-3 years, taking this program will set you up for success. Because this is our first time running this course, we do not know when or if we’ll be offering it again!

“What are the payment plans for Your Exceptional Record?”

The early bird price is $300/month or $1200 total and ends Thursday, September 19th. Normal enrollment is $400/month or $1600 total and is available through September 24th, or as space allows.

“What if I don’t like Your Exceptional Record… do you have a refund policy?”

Yes. We’re fully committed to help you change your career and your and your life as a result of this program. You can test drive the course for a full 14 days. If you do the work and don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money.

Important: To be eligible for a refund, we require your completed homework from the first class. Yes, this means YOU must take action in this program. Why? Because we know that if you take action and do the Step Up work, you’ll get results. If you do the work and don’t get value, then we don’t deserve your money and we cheerfully refund you 100% of your tuition.

We do this because we’re looking for serious and committed people. We take our learning environment seriously and maintain a very high standard of positivity, encouragement and inspired, action-oriented learning. I have no desire to work with lazy people or wishy-washy students. You’re either all in or all out.

“Can I talk to a real person?”

Yes! If you still have questions email us at or pick up the phone and call our studio direct at 212-532-0828 and someone from our team will be happy to answer any and all of your questions! Our mission is to serve! (no question too small.)


Big Love,

P.S. – If you have any questions, feel free to contact my team at