Stop Letting Socials Steal Your Time and Get Back to Making Music

By Cari Cole

You know when you log onto social media to post about your music or catch up on friends posts, and suddenly an hour (or two) of time goes missing? Yeah. That. Well, you were basically sucked up into alternate universe, and that one post turned into hours — and kind of hours that were lost. You weren’t working on your music, you got lost in the sea of information. Easy to do!!!

Plus, ever notice those friends on social media who comment on absolutely everything? Everytime you go to comment or like a post, they’ve already beat you to it. But do you ever stop to wonder how they have an actual life if they are always online? Or how they have all that time? They don’t. Social platforms are stealing it from them. You should feel sorry for them, or invite them over for some in person time ;). They probably need it!

Social media is an addiction.

It is evidently designed to suck up all your energy, time and focus. That is the goal of platforms like Facebook. Last week the former President of Facebook, Sean Parker, called out Facebook for that very thing, you can read about it here:

Also keep in mind that social media is there for you to use, not to become a slave to. I have artists in the hundreds of thousands of followers and those numbers alone do not change their careers – although social media wants you to think it does. Follow me? If it’s a numbers game to you, you’re wrong. It’s about true connections. And the industry can see through that.

So how do you be social, and use social platforms to get the word out about your music, but not be completely consumed?

Here are my Top 3 Tips to Stop Letting Socials Steal Your Time Away and Get Back to Your Music:


1. Schedule Social Media Time

Yep. Put limits on the time you spend on socials. I know it’s anal, but if you want your time back, you’d best do it. 10 min minimum, 30 min max, 3 times a day.


2. Track How Much Time You Spend on Socials

Set a timer and track how much actual time you spend on socials. Chart it for 2 weeks, just to see. Then curb your habit.

The best way to curb your social time is to schedule 3 times a day when you post, reply and repost. Find those 3 times and stick to them for a few weeks. See if you get more time back ;).


3. “Live” More By the Calendar

Another way to curb your social media addiction, is to schedule all of your other plans, like writing music, time for artistic exploration, or time for planning (which we all need more of), or some downtime. Imagine that. Fill your calendar with all of the things you LOVE to do as well as your obligations. You’ll soon see you have much less time for social – and more time for your music and your LIFE ;).


And I’ll add a bonus tip. You wanna know how to go viral? Make great music. Stuff you’re really freaking proud of. Cause news of great music travels fast. People know the difference ;).