Vocal Tip! You Are A Wind Instrument

by Cari Cole



Did you know your voice is a wind instrument inside your body?

Using air and muscles, sound is produced by bringing air to the vocal cords which vibrates the vocal folds and the sound rings in the resonating cavities of the chest, mouth, pharynx, nasal cavities and the head. In order to sing correctly, one has to breathe deeply into the diaphragm and then keep a storehouse of air underneath the vocal mechanism in order to feed the sound, and learn to point the sound to “tone”, not “push” the air out or “sing from the throat” which immediately burns out your instrument and creates vocal problems. Learning to breathe into the diaphragm is the first step.

Then learning to use the air instead of spitting it out is the next step. Breathing incorrectly contributes to vocal problems and we singers don’t need that!